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Cold Front Blasts Rodentia

08 January 2019

Chilly weather extends the Great Winter Hunt!

Cold Front Freezes Rodentia

An unexpected cold front has blasted the Rodentia Ocean with icy cold weather. The drop in temperatures has put quite the chill on the icebergs to keep them frosty for another week.

The additional wintry weather has extended the Great Winter Hunt by a week! The various event mice and their loot drops will remain as-is until Tuesday, January 15.

In addition to the extended festive hunting, the wintry weather has resulted in the following changes:

• Winter Charms will be the gift of the day until the end of the winter hunt

• New Year's mice can now appear on Naughty Lists

• The darkened skies have made for more impressive fireworks displays, increasing the drop rate of Fireworks Cookies

• Slightly increased drop rate of Pecan Pecorino and Golem Parts

• The following mice now drop Throwable Snowballs: Scrooge, Snowball Hoarder, Confused Carrier, Snowflake, Snow Golem Architect, and the mice of past, present, and future

Great Winter Hunt has ended

15 January 2019

Send out your final golems and be sure to claim rewards!

End of the Great Winter Hunt

A slightly warmer current of water has moved into Rodentia that has melted the icy sinister schemes of the Iceberg Sculptor Mouse. The warmer waters have caused the various event mice to migrate, meaning hunters can no longer collect golem parts, event cheese, or sugar cookies as loot drops.

The Iceberg Sculptor Mouse is still hiding in his icy floating fortress within the tiny pond of the Vacant Lot, clinging to a final hope of victory over hunters. Should you find yourself at his icy fortress while detonating explosive crackers, you can still capture the Iceberg Sculptor Mouse.

Sending Out Your Final Golems

Make sure to construct final snow golems to collect final loot rewards. Your golems will still require 25 hunts to return with loot, however, if you have way too many golems parts you can still smash them into Animated Snow which can be used to purchase Festive Summoning Bells from then General Store to speed up the return process.

Make sure to exchange any extra Ice Picks you have for Magical Hats in the General Store to make those last golems count! Final Ice Picks can also be exchanged for Floating Reindeer Crates should you not need hats or if you don't have enough for a hat.

Claiming Final Rewards

Take inventory of your sugar cookies and be sure to browse the Trapsmith, General Store, and Charm Shoppe to claim any festive rewards you have enough cookies for.

Any spare golem parts you have leftover can also be smashed into Animated Snow and exchanged at the Charm Shoppe for Snowball Charms. Remember: Snowball Charms provide an impressive boost to any festive trap and have a chance to roll up into a more powerful version when used!

The Vacant Lot will remain open until Tuesday, January 22

Once the Vacant Lot closes, you'll no longer be able to send out golems or claim rewards, so please plan accordingly!