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King's Giveaway Event

28 July 2020

More PRIZE MICE on the loose! The King's Giveaway will end on Tuesday, August 11.

Hunt Prize Mice to find Prize Keys!

It's a King's Giveaway! From now until August 11 there are more prize mice on the loose and 10 Mystery Prize Packs to open! Hunters ranked Recruit and above can capture prize mice anywhere in the Kingdom to loot King's Credits, SUPER|brie+, and valuable Prize Keys! Each time you encounter a mouse you have a chance of attracting a prize mouse as a bonus hunt which does not consume any cheese and will appear as an additional hunt in your journal.

King's Prize Keys

Every mouse you capture during the King's Giveaway has a chance to drop a King's Prize Key and Prize Mice will always drop a key! These keys can be used to open one of 10 Mystery Prize Packs via a banner located in the camp section of the game. These 10 packs contain the same prizes for everyone but which prize is in which pack is random for each hunter. Inside you'll find all sorts of valuable prizes including SUPER|brie+, King's Credits, Baitkeep Charms, Regal Charms, and even the coveted Rainbow Scroll Case!

Once you've opened all 10 Mystery Prize Packs you can continue collecting Prize Keys to open Mini Prize Packs containing small rewards such as a single Regal Charm, a handful of Gold, or a small quantity of King's Credits.

Mice will continue to drop King's Prize Keys throughout the King's Giveaway. However, the keys can only be used for a short time. Shortly after the giveaway ends, excess keys will be removed from your inventory. So make sure to use them as you loot them!

King's Credits & SUPER|brie+ Prizes

Capturing Treasurer, Snooty, or High Roller mice will earn you King's Credits which can be spent at the King's Arms or King's Cart. The King has added a few new items available for King's Credits: Bland Queso, Gauntlet Elixir, and Cork Bark.

The contents of Royal Loot Crates have also been updated with a few new goodies making now as good a time as any to try your luck!

Of course, a King's Giveaway is never complete without a chance of winning delicious SUPER|brie+! Capture Mobster Mouse to find a stash of SUPER|brie+ as loot!

Mystery Pots and Satchels of Gold

Perhaps considered one of the most rare items in the Kingdom are the Mystery Pot of Gold and Mystery Satchel of Gold dropped by the ever-so-rare and elusive Leprechaun Mouse.

Should you be extraordinarily lucky enough to capture the rare Leprechaun Mouse it will most often drop a Mystery Satchel of Gold containing a healthy amount of Gold along with some potent charms and SUPER|brie+! On more rare occasions, the Leprechaun Mouse will drop a Mystery Pot of Gold which contains even more Gold, SUPER|brie+, and the chance of a cash prize!

Regal Charms & Special Deals

The King's Giveaway is a rare occasion where the King makes available Regal Charms which are normally reserved for traps throughout the castle to protect the King from would-be mouse assassins.

You'll find a variety of these impressive charms within the various Prize Packs and they can be purchased and sold on the Marketplace. Regal Charms can also be exchanged at the King's Arms or King's Cart to "upgrade" them into the more powerful Super and Extreme Regal Charms.

  • 15 Regal Charms
1,000 Power, +6 Luck
  • 25 Extreme Regal Charms
2,000 Power, +8 Luck, 75% Attraction Bonus!

The Premium Shop also has two limited-time ROYAL deals to stock up on Extreme Regal Charms!

  • 50 Extreme Regal Charms
Limit 3 per Hunter
  • Extreme Regal Bundle
500 Extreme Regal + 500 SUPER|brie+

Rainbow Treasure Maps

Inside one of the ten Mystery Prize Packs you'll find a Rainbow Scroll Case! These scrolls contain a massive treasure map containing 60, 100, or 120 mice!

These lengthy maps will take you and up to 5 of your friends throughout the Kingdom on a hunt to find Rainbow Treasure Chests. The contents of Rainbow Treasure Chests have been updated this year to contain more charms including Extreme Regal Charms.

Not interested in completing such a lengthy map? Rainbow Treasure Maps can be completed at any time by claiming a consolation prize for a portion of the Points, Gold, and Ancient Charms based on the number of mice captured.

Capturing Prize Mice

Prize mice and other "bonus" encounters work slightly differently than a normal encounter to avoid these mice interfering with normal area progression. For example: Bonus encounters do not propel your submarine in the Sunken City, break streaks in the Warpath, affect positioning in the Valour Rift Gauntlet Tower, etc.

Prize mice and bonus encounters being exempt from area-specific gameplay also causes them to be exempt from area-specific or other "special" trap bonuses and effects. As a rule of thumb, any trap bonus you see under "special" in the Camp page trap selector will not apply during a bonus encounter with a prize mouse.

Good luck in the giveaway and happy hunting!