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SUPER|brie+ Factory Returning to Hiding

25 March 2020

Production temporarily halted while touring hunters exit

SUPER|brie+ Factory Tours End

His Majesty's royal SUPER|brie+ Factory tours have wrapped up for the year and all hunters are kindly asked to make their way to the exit. Before you head out, make sure to visit the shops at the factory to cash out any Golden Tickets you have. You may also want to cash out excess Factory Parts for various Party Charms, or if you'd prefer, smash individual parts into regular Party Charms.

With the tours at an end, the pump production has been halted, meaning hunters can no longer progress the cheesy goodness through the pipes of the factory. Hunters may, however, claim any unclaimed reward crates. Thanks to the help of hunters, all Factory Parts have been recovered, meaning you will no longer find any as loot drops from mice at the factory. Finally, the supply of Coggy Colby has temporary dried up, meaning hunters will no longer find Coggy Colby as loot drops at the factory.

Need to finish up a treasure map? The various event mice are still at the factory. Birthday Treasure Maps can now be put into consolation mode to claim a prize should you be out of Coggy Colby Cheese, or simply want to move on from the factory.

Hunters have access to the SUPER|brie+ Factory shops until April 1

Lucky Mouse Arrives With Factory Parts

17 March 2020

Collect bonus factory parts for a short time

Lucky Mouse Arrives at the SUPER|brie+ Factory

The Lucky Mouse has arrived at the SUPER|brie+ Factory where it can be found holding onto and rubbing the factory parts for good luck! The arrival of the Lucky Mouse has also brought a +5 Luck Bonus to each hunter, throughout the Kingdom! Until Thursday, March 19, hunters can encounter the Lucky Mouse at various locations in the Kingdom, including the SUPER|brie+ Factory where it will drop Factory Parts in addition to the variety of Luck Charms it drops everywhere.

The Lucky Mouse can be found in the following locations:

  • SUPER|brie+ Factory (unique loot!)
  • Meadow
  • Town of Gnawnia
  • King's Arms
  • Tournament Hall
  • Windmill
  • Harbour
  • King's Gauntlet
  • Mountain
  • Calm Clearing
  • Laboratory
  • Town of Digby
  • Great Gnarled Tree
  • Bazaar
  • Lagoon
  • Training Grounds
  • Dojo
  • S.S. Huntington
  • Cape Clawed
  • Elub shore
  • Nerg Plains
  • Derr Dunes
  • Claw Show City
  • Seasonal Garden
  • Crystal Library
  • Slushy Shoreline
  • Muridae Market
  • Living Garden / Twisted Garden
  • Fungal Cavern

The Lucky Mouse can be attracted using most "standard" types of store-bought cheese. However, at the SUPER|brie+ Factory, the Lucky Mouse can also be attracted using Coggy Colby where it also drops a piece of Coggy Colby.

Lucky Supply Kits Make a Return

A few luck-themed kits are once again available while the Lucky Mouse is visiting the Kingdom

  • Lucky Hunting Kit
SB+, Luck & Super Charms
  • Lucky Clover Kit
SB+, Shamrock & Rainbow Charms
  • Lucky Rainbow Kit
Lots of SB+, Shamrock & Rainbow Charms

The Lucky Mouse and +5 Luck Bonus are active until Thursday, March 19

Android Requirement Update

12 March 2020

Jelly Bean and below will no longer be supported

Mobile App Android Requirements Changing

An upcoming update to the MouseHunt Android app will upgrade the framework the app is built on to improve performance and incorporate important security updates into the app. As part of the upgrade, the minimum supported Android version will change from Jelly Bean (4.1) to KitKat (4.4). This update will improve performance and stability and is required to continue to support some features such as the ability to sign in with Facebook.

In terms of version numbers, the update will change the minimum supported version from Android v4.1 (API level 16 - Released in July 2012) to Android v4.4 (API level 19 - Released in October 2013).

At the moment, there are approximately 325 active devices which will no longer be able to download the MouseHunt app from Google Play once this update goes live. If you're one of these affected players, you'll still be able to use the app if it is installed on your device, however, you will not be able to download updates or reinstall the app should you remove it from your device. We understand it can be inconvenient and frustrating to no longer be able to update the app and, as such, held off on applying this update for as long as we could. However, we have reached the point where features of the app will no longer work unless we apply this type of update.

Update Release and Availability

We are currently wrapping up testing for the update and if testing continues to go well, plan to publish the update to Google Play during the week of March 23, 2020. This release may be postponed if any significant issues arise during testing.

Thank you for your understanding as we take this necessary step to maintain functionality, performance, and security for the mobile app. Happy hunting!

MouseHunt's 12th Birthday Extravaganza

3 March 2020

Tour the SUPER|brie+ Factory

The Source of SUPER|brie+

This year the King is continuing the newly introduced tradition of opening the doors to His Majesty's top-secret and super-hidden SUPER|brie+ Factory! The factory has once again been gently lifted from the ocean floor just east of the Harbour where its regular shipments of SUPER|brie+ are so often delivered via submersible.

As to be expected, revealing a massive factory which produces the lovely scent of the most flavourful bait in the Kingdom has attracted quite the rodent problem! Vincent the Magnificent is up to his old tricks and is looking to steal the shipments of cheese for himself. Tour the factory, help make a few repairs, and thwart Vincent's cheese heist!

The SUPER|brie+ Factory will close its doors on March 24

Touring the Factory

Upon arriving at the SUPER|brie+ Factory, you'll need to immediately pick a room to tour to help make repairs to the factory. There are four unique rooms to tour, each populated with unique mice. Recover factory parts from the meddling mice to restore the SUPER|brie+ Factory to full operation (and earn some hunting treats for your efforts!).

Get started by hunting with any standard type of cheese to attract mice that drop Coggy Colby Cheese. Using Coggy Colby will attract unique mice which drop various parts you can use to repair the damage the mice have done to the factory. Each mouse you capture with Coggy Colby will also safeguard the pumping operation, progressing delicious cheese through the production line and eventually producing a crate full of SUPER|brie+.

Mixing Room

Hunt in the Mixing Room to collect Mixing Rods The Force Fighter Five mice have taken an interest in this room and have grabbed hold of the Mixing Rods being used. Upgrade this room to increase the quantity of SUPER|brie+ found in the reward crate.

Break Room

Hunt in the Break Room to collect Circuit Breaker Fuses Various dance and party mice have taken over this room and are using the Circuit Breaker Fuses to power their boom boxes. Upgrade this room to distract the mice enough to have some of their cheesy lunch fall into the production line! Upgrading this room will add bonus cheese to the reward crate.

Pump Room

Hunt in the Pump Room to collect Pressurized Pump Pipes Various time-controlling mice have synchronized themselves with this room and are using the Pressurized Pump Pipes in their own study of time control. Upgrade this room to restore normal pressure in the production pipeline and pump more litres of cheese with each hunt, speeding up how quickly the reward crate fills.

Quality Assurance Room

Hunt in the QA Room to collect Quality Cog Various cupcake mice have setup shop in the QA Room where they're using the Quality Cogs to fine-tune and carefully calibrate their own Cupcake Recipes. Upgrade this room to increase efficiency and have more SUPER|brie+ convert into Empowered SUPER|brie+ within the reward crate.

  • 100 Coggy Colby Cheese
Recover factory parts!

Boosting the Factory Further

The Factory Technician Mouse can be found wandering throughout the SUPER|brie+ Factory and occasionally lured to your trap if you have a Factory Repair Charm equipped. The tools encased within the charm will occasionally attract this repair-capable mouse which drops a larger quantity and variety of factory repair parts.

New this year: The carefully crafted gears within the Factory Repair Charm will crank up cheese production and add an additional +10 litres pumped with each capture of a mouse, even if you're not using Coggy Colby!

  • 150 Factory Repair Charm
Quicker pumping and more parts!

Claiming Golden Tickets and Other Rewards

Each time you capture Vincent the Magnificent, you'll earn a Golden Ticket that can be redeemed at the various shops at the SUPER|brie+ Factory for special rewards. There are also a variety of other items available that may catch your eye!

Make sure to browse the various shops a the SUPER|brie+ Factory to see all the rewards there are to unlock and discover!

  • Birthday Confetti Cake Base
  • Queso Factory Trap
  • Celestial Layer Cake Trap Skin
  • Party Charms from smashing any factory part
  • Super Party Charm
  • Extreme Party Charm
  • Ultimate Party Charm
  • Ultimate Charm
  • Baitkeep Charm
  • Birthday Crate of Ultimate Luck Charms
  • Birthday Crate of Ultimate Power Charms
  • Birthday Crate of Ultimate Lucky Power Charms
  • Party Charm Journal Theme
  • SUPER|brie+ Factory Journal Theme

Birthday Treasure Maps

Pick up one of two varieties of special Birthday Scroll Case to embark on a hunt for treasure with friends! Completing a Birthday Event Map can reward one of 14 unique birthday trap skins along with Coggy Colby Cheese, King's Credits, Points, Gold, and more!

  • Birthday Scroll Case available at the Cartographer
  • Gilded Birthday Scroll Case available from the Premium Shoppe

Completing either type of map will extend the Anniversary Aura! This unique aura will occasionally add SUPER|brie+ as loot when capturing any mouse! This year the duration of the aura extension is increased when opening rare maps. The Rare Gilded 2020 Birthday Treasure Chest now rewards 4 weeks of Anniversary Aura, matching its 4 weeks of Lucky Golden Shield.

  • Gilded Birthday Scroll Case
Golden Shield and Anniversary Aura!

Birthday Art Contest

2 March 2020

Celebrate the launch of the new store alongside MouseHunt's 12th birthday!
Get your pens, pencils, paints, or other supplies ready because it's time for a MouseHunt art contest!

New Store

Show off your allegiance to the King with MouseHunt merchandise! To celebrate MouseHunt's 12th anniversary we are excited to launch our new merchandise store! You can now buy HitGrab game merchandise at our digital Society6 store! To celebrate the birthday and the launch of the store, we're announcing a new art contest where you have a chance to win some of the merchandise available in the store!

Merchandise Store

Art Contest

Get your pens, pencils, paints, or other supplies ready because it's time for a MouseHunt art contest! To celebrate the launch of the new store alongside MouseHunt's 12th birthday we're asking you to design a birthday inspired mouse or trap!

Important Details:

  • Entries must be posted on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with HitGrab tagged in the photo.
  • Each entry must use the hashtag #MouseHuntBirthday in the description of the post.
  • Entries must be submitted no later than midnight EST on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.
  • Winners will be announced on Feedback Friday on Friday, March 20, 2020!

Prize: So what do you win, other than bragging rights? A prize pack with items from the new store of course!

If your design is chosen you'll win this year's MouseHunt birthday t-shirt, a MouseHunt logo sticker, and a mug with your choice of mouse! So get to designing, MouseHunters!