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30 March 2021

Get Eggscited for an Eggstraordinary Season!
New Eggs, New Interface, and a New Merchant!!

Spring has Sprung!

The season of renewal has returned to the Kingdom of Gnawnia and with it comes many eggsciting new things! This year the Spring Egg Hunt has a brand new interface, new eggs, new rewards, and even a whole new merchant!

While much has changed this year, the egg hunting remains the same. To get started, you'll need a special egg-finding piece of equipment called an Eggscavator. If you do not already own one, you can purchase one for 10,000 gold from the brand new Spring Egg Hunt heads-up display. So grab yourself an Eggscavator and get ready for an eggsceptional season!

A New Merchant has Arrived in the Kingdom!

A new merchant has travelled to the Kingdom of Gnawnia to celebrate the coming of Spring: Lady Laura, the Chocolatier! But she is no ordinary Chocolatier; Lady Laura is a master of the lost art of CocoAlchemy which gives her the ability to wield the mighty power of the purest chocolate known to science: Chocolatonium!

Unfortunately, while travelling to the Kingdom her caravan was raided by greedy, chocolate-obsessed mice who stole all of her Chocolatonium! Collect the stolen Chocolatonium from the Spring event mice that are roaming all over the Kingdom. These mice are so plentiful right now that you won't even need cheese to attract them!

Return the Chocolatonium to Lady Laura to unlock the shelves in her Chocolate Shop and she'll show her gratitude by presenting you with special, one-time rewards for unlocking each shelf. Once a shelf has been unlocked, you'll be able to purchase the items on that shelf with Chocolatonium anytime during the event

Spring Mice and Spring Eggs

The Chocolatonium has driven the Spring event mice into such a frenzy that they are no longer confined to specific stockpile locations. You'll now find these mice EVERYWHERE in the Kingdom! They're so abundant that you no longer need special cheese to attract them. In fact, you don't need any cheese at all!

The Spring event mice are now all exclusively bonus hunts meaning they'll occasionally wander into your trap without consuming cheese or charms and without affecting any area gameplay progression. The Spring mice will always drop Chocolatonium when caught.

As with previous years, certain Spring mice will also drop the yearly Spring eggs when caught. These eggs can no longer be doubled with Eggstra Charms but to compensate their contents have been made more lucrative this year! Cracking these new versions of the Spring eggs open will provide TWICE as much SUPER|brie+ from previous years as well as some new items! The new 21K Golden Egg is eggspecially packed with goodies this year!

New Eggs

This year there are 20 brand new eggs to find! You will need your trusty Eggscavator to find them so make sure you pick one up before you head out!

  • Balack the Banished Egg
  • Zurreal Egg
  • Corky, the Collector Egg
  • Runny Egg
  • Workshop Egg
  • Bottled Wind Egg
  • Sky Glass Egg
  • Sky Ore Egg
  • Geyser Egg
  • Tower Secret Egg
  • Melee Floor Egg
  • Dust Floor Egg
  • Sky Pirate Egg
  • Loot Cache Egg
  • Sky Conqueror Egg
  • Sky Explorer Egg
  • Warden of Frost Egg
  • Warden of Wind Egg
  • Warden of Rain Egg
  • Warden of Fog Egg
  • Sky Sprocket Egg
  • Skysoft Silk Egg
  • Enchanted Wing Egg
  • Cloudstone Bangle Egg

New Rewards

Unlocking shelves in Lady Laura's Chocolate Shop will earn you some special new rewards!

Eggsciting Improvements

The mystifying power of Chocoloatonium has bestowed new abilities and improvements to some older items!

Eggschange Rates

Have items leftover from previous Spring Egg Hunts? Eggschange them at the Charm Shop!

The Eggsweeper Has Returned!

MouseHunt Eggsweeper is a mini-game about finding eggs which is only available during the seasonal event about finding eggs. That's a lot of eggs!

There are 10 eggs hidden somewhere in the field and you need to reveal them all to earn rank-specific rewards! Each tile you reveal costs 1 Eggsweeper Shovel. When you reveal a tile, you will either be shown a number or an egg. The number shown is a clue representing how many eggs are hidden in nearby tiles (diagonals included). If you reveal an egg, you get a special Eggsweeper Egg added to your inventory based on your hunter title.

Eggsweeper Egg Tiers by Title Range

  • Tier 1: Novice to Journeyman/Journeywoman
  • Tier 2: Master to Lord/Lady
  • Tier 3: Baron/Baronness and Count/Countess
  • Tier 4: Duke/Duchess and up (now with Floating Islands loot!)

These eggs will contain loot appropriate for areas in the Kingdom tied to the hunter ranks. You can find a few Eggsweeper Shovels in each of this year's Spring Eggs including a whopping 60 inside of this year's Golden Egg! You can also find them in your Daily Loyalty Chest, Lady Laura will gift you some for unlocking each of the shelves in her Chocolate Shop, or you can purchase them from the Premium Shop.

For even more eggstraordinary rewards, dust your Eggsweeper field with Magical Fertilizer before you start the mini-game! All the eggs found in a fertilized field will be eggsploding with even more amazing loot!

  • 10 Eggsweeper Shovels
Dig, dig, dig!
  • Eggsweeper Starter Pack
Reap what you sow!
  • Eggsweeper Starter Pack
Get Eggscavating!

Spring Egg Hunt Supply Kits and Gift Baskets

Eggscavating and egg hunting is a lot of work! Here are this year's supplies, gift baskets, and kits to help you on your journey to Egg Master!

  • Eggstreme Hunting Bundle
An Eggstreme Deal! (Limit 3)
  • 2021 Spring Hunt Trap Skin Bundle
Three New Skins! (Limit 1)
  • Spring Hunt Gardener Bundle
Can You Dig It? (Limit 3)
  • Eggstravagant Supply Kit
The Pinnacle of Eggstravagance!
  • Eggscellent Gift Basket
For An Eggscellent Friend!
  • 5 Eggstra Charms
More Eggs!
  • 20 Eggstra Charge Charms
More Eggs and Chocolatonium!


Chocolatonium has a highly unstable atomic structure and therefore only has a very short half-life. Any pure Chocolatonium exposed to the open air will undergo radioactive decay after only four weeks and even when it's properly contained within a hunter's inventory, it will only last an additional two weeks.

As of April 27, 2021, mice will no longer drop Chocolatonium and eggs no longer be found in the Kingdom.

As of May 11, 2021, any Chocolatonium that remains in a hunter's inventory will decay into nothingness!

Make sure to spend it all at the Chocolate Shop while you can!

-- Norman Hussey

MouseHunt's 13th Birthday

2 March 2021

Tour (and defend) the SUPER|brie+ Factory!
Embark on a tour of the King's hidden SUPER|brie+ Factory and earn cheese in the process!

MouseHunt's 13th Birthday Celebration!

March 7 will mark the 13th year of MouseHunting! To celebrate, the King is once again opening the doors of his secret SUPER|brie+ Factory for a behind the scenes look at how the magical cheese is made. Of course swinging the doors open on a factory pumping out the tastiest cheese known to mice is sure to create a minor vermin problem.

While taking in the sights, hunters are asked to setup camp to help defend the factory and recover assembly line parts that have been picked up by the invading mice. There's SUPER|brie+, the Anniversary Aura, Party Charms, and more to earn!

An especially rich addition this year: The SUPER|brie+ Factory Break Room has seen the addition of the SUPER|snax+ Vending Machine stocked with snack packs of tasty cheese!

Start your factory tour today!
The SUPER|brie+ Factory will close its doors on March 23

Mastering Cheese Production

Pump cheese though the assembly line of the SUPER|brie+ Factory by hunting mice attracted to either Coggy Colby or the all new Speedy Coggy Colby. Arming either of these types of cheese will attract mice running amok in the factory and capturing them will allow the delicious cheese to flow!

You can collect Coggy Colby by hunting with any standard cheese type at the factory. You'll find some Speedy Coggy Colby as a reward for completing the SUPER|brie+ Factory Adventure, along with other nifty adventure rewards!

  • 15 Coggy Colby Cheese
Activate your pump!
  • 15 Speedy Coggy Colby
+10 litres per catch!

Take cheese production to revolutionary levels of industrialization by using Factory Repair Charms! These mechanical wonders will activate your pump each catch and add an additional +10 liters per catch, even if you don't have Coggy Colby armed. Additionally, Factory Repair Charms have a chance of attracting the Factory Repair Technician Mouse who drops a generous quantity of factory repair parts! Have extra factory parts? Visit the Charm Shoppe where you can exchange excess parts for more of these charms.

  • 150 Factory Repair Charm
Pumps +10 litres per catch
  • Speedy Repair Gift Basket
Industrious gift idea!

Once the cheese is pumped all the way through the assembly line you'll encounter Vincent, The Magnificent! Year after year this mouse stakes claim to the SUPER|brie+ Factory as their own personal cheese production facility!

You'll need to capture Vincent before the SUPER|brie+ reward crate can be claimed. Capturing Vincent will also reward a Golden Punch Ticket which you can spend at the various shops at the SUPER|brie+ Factory for rewards.

Touring the Factory

There are four rooms to tour within the SUPER|brie+ Factory, each with a unique population of mice to encounter and factory repair part to recover as loot. Hunters are free to move to and from any room taking in the sights and hunting down different types of invading mice.

The Mixing Room

The Force Fighter Five mice have taken an interest in this room and have grabbed hold of the Mixing Rods being used. Upgrade this room to increase the quantity of SUPER|brie+ found in the reward crate.

The Break Room

Various dance and party mice have taken over this room and are using the Circuit Breaker Fuses to power their boom boxes. Upgrade this room to distract the mice long enough to find some of their lunch money! Upgrading this room will increase the number of SUPER|tokens+ found in the reward crate which you can spend at the SUPER|snax+ Vending Machine via the HUD for various bags of tasty cheese.

The Pump Room

Various time-controlling mice have synchronized themselves with this room and are using the Pressurized Pump Pipes in their own study of time control. Upgrade this room to restore normal pressure in the production pipeline and pump more liters of cheese with each hunt, speeding up how quickly the reward crate fills.

The QA Room

Various cupcake mice have setup shop in the QA Room where they're using the Quality Cogs to fine-tune and carefully calibrate their own Cupcake Recipes. Upgrade this room to increase efficiency to have more SUPER|brie+ converted into Empowered SUPER|brie+ within the reward crate as well as extend the Anniversary Aura by a greater amount each time you claim the reward crate.

Golden Punch Tickets and Tasty Rewards

For your assistance in helping pump cheese the King will grant you a portion of SUPER|brie+ when you reach the end of the assembly line! Each full crate of SUPER|brie+ you pump will also extend the Anniversary Aura and reward a quantity of SUPER|tokens+ which you can spend at the SUPER|snax+ vending machine for a variety of cheese. There's lots of items to earn and celebrate with!

Birthday Ube Cake Base

A potent purple pastry formed into a tasty looking base! Complete the SUPER|brie+ Factory adventure to claim this delicious reward.

Birthday Airship Cosmetic

Exchange your Golden Punch Tickets for all three pieces of a new Birthday Airship Cosmetic. This theme is sure to make your airship balloon at least 200% more balloon...y, and that's no bologna!

Speedy Surprise Journal Theme

A brand new journal theme to commemorate MouseHunt's 13th Anniversary! Pick up this reward by spending a Golden Punch Ticket at the General Store.

Hunter's Horn Rewind Charm

Harness the power of time control! These charms will reset your horn timer should you fail to capture a mouse. Complete the SUPER|brie+ Factory adventure to claim 10 of these powerful charms.

Queso Factory Trap

This industrious trap is back! Utilize your mastery of cheese pumping learned at the factory to increase Bland Queso pumping in Queso Canyon!

Charms and more!

There are plenty more rewards to browse at the various shoppes at the SUPER|brie+ Factory! Crates of Ultimate Lucky Power Charms, Baitkeep Charms, various tiers of Party Charms, various Birthday Cake Bases, Journal Themes, and more! Make sure to check out all the shops have to offer.

Birthday Treasure Maps

There are a few varieties of Treasure Map to embark upon while touring the factory! Each map will have you and your friends tour the various rooms of the factory in search of Treasure Map Clues.

No matter which map you take on the treasure chest you find at the end of the map will contain Birthday Skin Pattern Pieces which you can spend at the SUPER|brie+ Factory Trapsmith for various trap skins.

Birthday Treasure Map

Tour the factory in search of Treasure Clues! For your efforts you'll be rewarded Birthday Skin Pattern Pieces, Coggy Colby, Points, Gold, Ancient Charms, and King's Credits! You can pickup a Birthday Scroll Case from the Cartographer at the SUPER|brie+ Factory.

Gilded Birthday Treasure Maps

This year there are two sizes of gilded scroll case both leading to the exact same treasure chest and reward. However, the PARTY SIZE scroll case contains a map that up to 10 hunters can embark upon! These maps lead to a treasure chest which can contain a greater variety of items! You can find Speedy Coggy Colby, Gilded Charms, various tiers of Party Charms, and on rare occasion, a Slayer Scroll Case!

  • Gilded Birthday Scroll Case
Up to 5 hunters
  • Party Size Gilded Birthday Scroll Case
Same reward, up to 10 hunters

Birthday Promotions and Kits

The King has assembled a variety of celebratory supply kits and hunting gear to help hunters looking to repair the cheese assembly lines.

  • Party Starter Bundle
Party Size Scoll, 25 Cheese & Charms
  • Ultimate Party Bundle
Includes 100 Ultimate Party Charms!
  • 100 Speedy Coggy Colby
20 litres per catch
  • 100 Coggy Colby Cheese
10 litres per catch
  • 500 Factory Repair Charm
+10 litres per catch, bonus mouse
  • Rare Map Dust
More Coggy, Skin Patterns, and more from maps!
  • Speedy Repair Gift Basket
Great gift!
  • Speedy Repair Supply Kit
Cheese and charm stock up!

Lucky Lucky Lucky!

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day the Kingdom will be visited by the Lucky Mouse on Tuesday, March 16 until the end of the Birthday Event (Tuesday, March 23). During the visit you'll occasionally encounter the Lucky Mouse in several areas thoughout the Kingdom, including the SUPER|brie+ Factory. During the Lucky Mouse's visit each hunter's trap will also benefit from a +5 Luck Bonus!

Bonus Luck Event will run from March 16 to 23

The Lucky Mouse will be able to be found in the following locations: SUPER|brie+ Factory (unique loot!), Meadow, Town of Gnawnia, King's Arms, Tournament Hall, Windmill, Harbour, King's Gauntlet, Mountain, Calm Clearing, Laboratory, Town of Digby, Great Gnarled Tree, Bazaar, Lagoon, Training Grounds, Dojo, S.S. Huntington, Cape Clawed, Elub shore, Nerg Plains, Derr Dunes, Claw Show City, Seasonal Garden, Crystal Library, Slushy Shoreline, Muridae Market, Living Garden / Twisted Garden, and Fungal Cavern.