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13 October 2021

Halloween has begun in the Kingdom of Gnawnia!
Travel to the Gloomy Greenwood and put a stop to Baba Gaga!

Master the Magic of the Boiling Cauldrons

Double, double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Pumpkin bits foul and rotten,
From the Greenwood, ill-begotten.
Mushy marrow and pepper of ghost,
In the pot they all shall roast.
AvocAAAAHdos scream and shake,
Remove the pit then boil and bake.
With popping bubbles and rising steam,
Brew a cheese with howling scream.
For in the woods dark and deep,
Lies a witch who longs to reap.
Beware her voice and flashy attire,
Beware her magic and cauldron's fire.
Catch the witch and make her mute,
Take her precious Mousedrake Root.
And with this root, thou shalt queue,
The most Evil Extract that one could brew.
In the shoppe you'll have a notion,
To turn this extract into potion.
So take this evil and use it for good,
And with it conquer the Gloomy Greenwood!

Welcome to the Gloomy Greenwood

Larry the Friendly Knight has finally discovered a way into the mysterious forest in the Burroughs, North of the Toxic Spill. There he has uncovered a most unusual sight: a chicken-legged hut just sitting in the middle of the woods!

He has dubbed this new area the Gloomy Greenwood on account of its dreary and unwelcoming atmosphere. Unfortunately, when Larry arrived he discovered that the area was already densely populated with some very spooky critters, namely the Halloween event mice. But this year, the spookiest mice in the Kingdom are following a new leader and it is none other than the legendary witch: Baba Gaga!

Collect Ingredients and Start Brewing

The only way to defeat Baba Gaga and her monstrous minions is to use her own enchanted cauldrons against her! You'll need to collect ingredients from the mice in the Gloomy Greenwood and then put those ingredients into the cauldrons in order to start brewing up spooky flavours of cheese!

Click on either cauldron to open up Baba Gaga's Recipe Book where you'll find all the information you need to start brewing her sinister concoctions.

Start by using any basic bait to catch the least spooky mice in the Gloomy Greenwood and collect the Pungent Pumpkins that they are carrying. If you have any leftover Halloween event cheese from previous years then you can use that instead of basic bait.

Add these Pungent Pumpkins into a cauldron based on Baba Gaga's recipe to brew a batch of Monterey Jack-O-Lantern. With Monterey Jack-O-Lantern armed, you'll be able to attract spookier mice who drop spookier ingredients.

Each tier of mice will drop the ingredient you need to make the next tier of cheese. There are four different types of cheese and each one will attract a unique pool of Halloween event mice. Work your way up to Scream Cheese in order to attract the villainous Baba Gaga herself!

When hunting with any of the new types of cheese, mice will also drop a very valuable ingredient called Mousedrake Root. Use this potent component to distill Baba Gaga's most powerful brew: Evil Extract!

Evil Extract can be traded in at the Apothecary (General Store) for a wide selection of existing potions as well as some brand new and extremely powerful ones that were created by Baba Gaga herself! Open up the "Shops" tab in Baba Gaga's Recipe Book to get a detailed look at all the available potions and what each of them can do.

15 Bonefort Cheese
Seek out scarier mice!

100 Bonefort Cheese
A spooky stockup!

Baba Gaga's Best Brews

Baba Gaga has created five brand new and rather extraordinary potions! These potions can all be purchased from the Gloomy Greenwood Apothecary in exchange for Evil Extract.

(NEW) Wealth Potion

Instantly converts all tiers of Wealth Charms into gold!

Cost: 1 Evil Extract

(NEW) Riftifier Potion

Converts all tiers of power and luck charms into their Rift version!

Cost: 5 Evil Extract

(NEW) Dragonbane Potion

Converts Solidified Amber Queso into all tiers of Dragonbane Charms!

Cost: 10 Evil Extract

(NEW) Ultimate Potion

Converts Living Garden essences directly into an Ultimate Charm!

Cost: 20 Evil Extract

(NEW) Epic Cheese Potion

Converts low tier cheese into epic boss cheese!

Cost: 30 Evil Extract

Useful Utilities for Better Brewing

Gloomy Gathering Charm

The Gloomy Gathering Charm is a new and extremely useful accessory for anyone gathering ingredients this spooky season. These charms will add +1 to any ingredient dropped by a mouse in the Gloomy Greenwood, including Mousedrake Root! They also provide a 20% power bonus to all Halloween traps including the new one. These charms are available from the Gloomy Greenwood Charm Shoppe, the Reward Track, and the Premium Shop.

15 Gloomy Gathering Charms
Gather more ingredients!

100 Gloomy Gathering Charms
Cauldrons overfloweth!

Gloomy Gathering Charm

This potent chemical compound can be used to instantly finish any cauldron brew! Just add one for each hunt you have left in your brew and the cauldron will complete itself instantly! This wondrous powder is available from the Gloomy Greenwood Apothecary, the Reward Track, and the Premium Shop.

15 Reactive Reagent
Finish a brew!

100 Reactive Reagent
More than a pinch!

Reap the Rewards

The Gloomy Greenwood has even more rewards in store for diligent hunters. Every time you brew a batch of Evil Extract, you will make progress on the Halloween 2021 Reward Track. There are many useful and exciting rewards awaiting you including a new trap, a new base, Cursed Skulls, Spooky Shuffle tickets, Reactive Reagent, and more!

All date restrictions have been removed from Cursed Skulls so they can now be crushed whenever you want!

Cursed Skulls

Crush this skull to receive one week of the Spooky Aura which gives you a 30% power bonus and a chance at finding Cursed Gold and Wealth Charms!

Cursed Skulls can now be crushed anytime you want with no date restrictions!

Earn FOUR on the reward track!
(NEW) Boiling Cauldron Trap

This trap has a rare chance to produce a random potion after catching a mouse!

  • Power Type: Arcane
  • Power: 4,500
  • Power Bonus: 15%
  • Attraction Bonus: 0%
  • Luck: 20
  • Cheese Effect: No Effect
Earn it on the reward track!
(NEW) Alchemist's Cookbook Base

This base has a chance to duplicate any potion that a mouse drops as loot! When armed with the Boiling Cauldron Trap, it is guaranteed to duplicate any potion the trap produces!

  • Power: 350
  • Power Bonus: 10%
  • Attraction Bonus: 10%
  • Luck: 10
  • Cheese Effect: No Effect
Earn it on the reward track!

Ultimate Slaying Power

Ultimate Dragonbane Charm

Baba Gaga's incredible new Dragonbane Potion has revealed the existence of the ultimate in dragon slaying power: the Ultimate Dragonbane Charm! This extraordinary charm provides a whopping 1200% power bonus against all dragon-like mice in the Kingdom! Pick up some Dragonbane Potions from the Gloomy Greenwood Apothecary, brew a few of these magnificent charms, and go devastate some dragons!

The Spooky Shuffle is Back

The Spooky Shuffle is returning this year with some new items from the Floating Islands and the Empyrean Sky Palace! Select the Duke and Up board to have a chance at these rewards!

Cloud Cheesecake Cyclone Stones Sky Pirate Seals Empyrean Seals

25 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
Match for rewards!

Spooky Shuffle Dust
Unique rewards!

Terrifying Treasure Awaits

Visit the cartographer in the Gloomy Greenwood and you'll find two brand new scroll cases for those who dare to embark on a terrifying treasure hunt!

(NEW) Sealed Treat Scroll Case

You'll need Monterey Jack-O-Lantern as well as any Standard Bait to treat all of the mice on this list!

Cost: 1 Ancient Relic
(NEW) Sealed Trick Scroll Case

Take on this tougher challenge after brewing a few batches of Bonefort, Polter-Geitost, and Scream Cheese!

Cost: 3 Ancient Relics

Ghoulishly Good Deals for a Limited Time

The King has procured a sizeable collection of baskets, kits, and bundles to assist the hunters brave enough to venture into the Gloomy Greenwood.

Witch's Brew Bundle
Sample all five new potions! Limit three.

Spooky Shuffle Starter Pack
Start shuffling for only $0.99! Limit one.

Spooky Shuffle Mega Bundle
For the serious shuffler! Limit three.

Gloomy Gift Basket
A gift for a frightened friend!

Brewer's Apprentice Kit
Everything a budding brewer needs!

Brewmaster's Supply Kit
For the ultimate brewmaster!

15 Bonefort Cheese
Hunt some very spooky mice!

15 Gloomy Gathering Charms
Gather more ingredients!

15 Reactive Reagent
Instantly finish a brew!

Brew as much Evil Extract as you can before the event ends!

The Boiling Cauldrons Halloween event will go into a shutdown phase on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

During the one week shutdown phase, mice will stop dropping all ingredients but you can still brew any ingredients that you've already collected.

Brew as many of your ingredients as you can or cash them out in the shops before the event ends completely on Tuesday, November 9, 2021.

After the event ends all unused ingredients and Evil Extract will rot away and disintegrate!

Travel to the Gloomy Greenwood and start brewing now!

-- Norman Hussey


5 October 2021

Revisions to the Town of Gnawnia and Windmill!
Faster progression, increased rewards, and improved attraction rates.

The Town of Gnawnia and Windmill Welcome New Hunters

Larry the Friendly Knight has spent seemingly countless hours training new Recruits and helping them hone their hunting skills. Over his many years of diligent tutelage, Larry has certainly refined his process and often tried brand new training techniques. Today, in coordination with the King and utilizing some of the feedback from the Great Gnawnian Census Larry has put together his most recent changes to his methods!

Thanks to Larry's updated techniques, new hunters in the Town of Gnawnia will now have a much easier time attracting and capturing most mice while reaping greater rewards for securing the town. After many years of feasting on stolen cheese from new hunters, the Town of Gnawnia mice have become more picky about which types of cheese they are attracted to -- as a consequence, hunters should be able to more effectively single out bounty targets by using their preferred bait!

Meanwhile, the Windmill has received an upgrade by order of the King, and will now churn out Packets of Flour reliably every time a mouse is caught. The faster the Windmill spins, the more flour it will consistently produce! To account for this increased rate of production, the Windmill Cheese Shoppe now only accepts orders for Grilled Cheese in batches of 5, which means more attempts at capturing the elusive Captain Croissant!

The Windmill HUD within the mobile app may appear out of date until the latest update has been downloaded. Keep an eye out for an update v1.112.0 (or higher) in the App Store and Google Play.

A Cheese Making Breakthrough!

New and veteran MouseHunters alike will be pleased to hear that the King has been hard at work developing a new cheese aging process which increases the efficacy of cheese in attracting mice. More affordable cheeses like Cheddar and Marble have received the greatest gains from this new development. However, most types of cheese including Gouda and crafted varieties of cheese will benefit from this new process by failing to attract less often.

Where Cheddar Cheese used to attract a mouse roughly half of the time, Larry has measured the new attraction rate to be around 70% using this new process. Similarly, Marble now attracts at a rate of 75%, Swiss at 80%, Brie at 85%, and Gouda 90%.

In combination with Larry's updated hunting techniques, various mice indigenous to Gnawnia have had specific weaknesses exposed and will be easier to capture for all hunters.

These training endeavors are just a part of Larry's endless commitment to improving his training methods! As Larry continues to hone his methods and learn new techniques, future generations of MouseHunters can expect further improvements as time goes on.

Aerial Treasure Master Deal Ends Soon

Hunters throughout Hollow Heights have made good use of the new supply routes charted by the Floating Islands Cartographer to seek out and intercept the many treasures of the Empyrean Empire. With the treasure hunting efforts in full swing the exploration supplies assembled by the King are beginning to wane. Today is the final day to pick up the special Aerial Treasure Master Bundle from the Premium Shoppe before it's gone.

Aerial Treasure Master Bundle
Map Dust, Storm Cells, and more!

This incredible deal will be leaving the Premium Store on October 6 at 3:00pm UTC!

-- Jake