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MouseHunt's 15th Birthday

28 February 2023

Set foot back into the SUPER|brie+ Factory!

Come see the secrets about how the Kingdom's Famous Cheese is made!

Happy birthday... to US!

MouseHunt will celebrate 15 years of MouseHunting on March 7, 2023! To mark this momentus occasion, the King has ordered the secret SUPER|brie+ Factory to be brought up from the depths of the Rodentia Ocean. Hunters can once again visit the fabled factory to get a in-depth look to see how SUPER|brie+ cheese is made.

While taking in the sights, hunters are asked to kindly setup camp to help defend the factory and recover assembly line parts that have been picked up by the invading mice. There's SUPER|brie+, the Anniversary Aura, Party Charms, and more to earn!

Start your factory tour today!

On March 21 the SUPER|brie+ Factory rooms will no longer be upgradable and the mice will no longer drop parts.
Hunters can claim one more crate by pumping cheese and make their final purchases until March 28 when the factory will close its doors.

Mastering Cheese Production

Pump cheese through the assembly line of the SUPER|brie+ Factory by hunting mice with either Coggy Colby or Speedy Coggy Colby. Arming either of these cheeses will attract the rambunctious rodents wreaking havoc in the factory and capturing them will allow the delicious cheese to flow!

You can collect Coggy Colby by hunting with any standard cheese type at the factory. If you're looking to speed up your cheese production, you can use Speedy Coggy Colby which allows you to pump an additional 10 litres per catch! Speedy Coggy Colby can be earned as a reward for completing the SUPER|brie+ Factory Adventure or purchased from the Premium Shop.

15 Coggy Colby Cheese
Activate your pump!
15 Speedy Coggy Colby
+10 litres per catch!

Take cheese production to revolutionary levels of industrialization by using Factory Repair Charms! These mechanical wonders will activate your pump and add an additional +10 liters per catch, even if you don't have Coggy Colby armed. Additionally, Factory Repair Charms have a chance of attracting the Factory Repair Technician Mouse who drops a generous quantity of factory repair parts! Visit the Charm Shoppe where you can use excess factory repair parts to purchase more of these useful charms.

150 Factory Repair Charm
Pumps +10 litres per catch
Speedy Repair Gift Basket
Industrious gift idea!

Once the cheese is pumped all the way through the assembly line you'll encounter Vincent, The Magnificent! Year after year this mouse stakes claim to the SUPER|brie+ Factory as their own personal cheese production facility!

You'll need to capture Vincent before the SUPER|brie+ reward crate can be claimed. Capturing Vincent will also reward a Golden Punch Ticket which you can spend at the various shops of the SUPER|brie+ Factory on a selection of enticing goodies.

Exploring the Factory

There are four rooms to tour within the SUPER|brie+ Factory, each with a unique population of mice to encounter and a factory repair part to recover as loot. Hunters are free to move to and from any room taking in the sights and hunting down different types of invading mice.

The Mixing Room
The Force Fighter Five mice have taken an interest in this room and have grabbed hold of the Mixing Rods being used. Upgrade this room to increase the quantity of SUPER|brie+ found in the reward crate.
The Break Room
Various dance party mice have taken over this room and are using the Circuit Breaker Fuses to power their boomboxes! Upgrading this room will increase the number of SUPER|tokens+ found in the reward crate which you can spend at the SUPER|snax+ Vending Machine via the HUD for various bags of tasty cheese.
The Pumping Room
Various time-controlling mice have synchronized themselves with this room and are using the Pressurized Pump Pipes in their study of time control. Upgrade this room to restore maximum pressure to the production pipeline and pump more liters of cheese with each hunt, speeding up how quickly the reward crate fills.
The QA Room
Various cupcake mice have setup shop in the QA Room where they're using the Quality Cogs to fine-tune and carefully calibrate their own cupcake recipes. Upgrade this room to fine-tune your own recipe and increase bonus Empowered SUPER|brie+ contained within the reward crate as well as extending the Anniversary Aura by a greater amount each time you claim one.

Golden Punch Tickets and Tasty Rewards

For your assistance in defending the factory, the King will allow you to keep any cheese crates that you successfully fill! Each crate you claim will also extend the Anniversary Aura and reward a quantity of SUPER|tokens+ which you can spend at the SUPER|snax+ vending machine. There are lots of items to earn and celebrate with!

Story Seeds Snack Pack
A new addition to the SUPER|snax+ vending machine in the SUPER|brie+ factory breakroom. Contains treats that are favored by mice from the Folklore Forest region.
Red Velvet Cake Base
A decadent Red Velvet Cake Base topped with cream cheese icing! Complete the SUPER|brie+ Factory adventure to claim this delicious reward.
15th Birthday Journal Theme
A brand new journal theme to commemorate MouseHunt's 15th Anniversary! Pick up this reward by spending a Golden Punch Ticket at the General Store.
Hunter's Horn Rewind Charm
Harness the power of time control! These charms will reset your horn timer should you fail to capture a mouse. Complete the SUPER|brie+ Factory adventure to claim 10 of these powerful charms.
Queso Factory Trap
This industrious trap is back! Utilize your mastery of cheese pumping learned at the factory to increase Bland Queso pumping in the Queso River!
Birthday Airship Cosmetics
Your own personal SUPER|brie+ Factory on-the-go. Zip through the skies in sweet industrial fashion. Exchange your Golden Punch Tickets for all three pieces of the Factory Airship set.
Charms and more!
There are plenty more rewards to browse at the various shoppes of the SUPER|brie+ Factory! Crates of Ultimate Lucky Power Charms, Baitkeep Charms, various tiers of Party Charms, various Birthday Cake Bases, Journal Themes, and more! Make sure to check out all that the shops have to offer.

Trap Skins

New and exciting trap skins are available for purchase in the Premium Shop!

Cake Slayer Cannon Trap Skin
For use with the Dragon Slayer Cannon Trap!
Distorting Party Mirror Trap Skin
For use with the Dark Magic Mirrors Trap!

Birthday Treasure Maps

There are a few varieties of treasure maps to embark upon while touring the factory! Each map will have you and your friends explore the various rooms of the factory in search of Treasure Map Clues.

No matter which map you take on, the treasure chest you find at the end will contain SUPER|tokens+ which you can spend at the Vending Machine or the Trapsmith for various trap skins.

Birthday Treasure Map

Tour the factory in search of Treasure Clues! For your efforts you'll be rewarded SUPER|tokens+, Coggy Colby, Ancient Charms, and more! Use a Rare Map Dust to get even more rewards! You can pick up a Birthday Scroll Case from the Cartographer at the SUPER|brie+ Factory.

Birthday Treasure Map

There are two sizes of Gilded Birthday Scroll Cases, both leading to the exact same treasure chest and reward. However, the PARTY SIZE scroll case contains a map that up to 10 hunters can embark upon! These maps lead to a treasure chest which can contain a greater variety of items! You can find Speedy Coggy Colby, Gilded Charms, various tiers of Party Charms, and on rare occasion, a Slayer Scroll Case! Use a Rare Map Dust to get even more rewards!

Gilded Birthday Scroll Case
Up to 5 hunters
Party Size Gilded Birthday Scroll Case
Same reward, up to 10 hunters
Rare Map Dust
More Coggy and SUPER|tokens+ from maps!

Anniversary Aura

Opening birthday treasure chests will extend your Anniversary Aura and rare chests will extend it even more! While the Anniversary Aura is active, mice throughout the Kingdom have a chance to drop SUPER|brie+ cheese and Party Charms.

Birthday Goodies

The King has put together a variety of celebratory kits and gear to help hunters with repairing the cheese assembly lines or for those who just want to party hard!

Party Crasher Bundle
Bring the Rare Map Dust
Party Starter Bundle
Party Size Scroll, 25 Cheese & Charms
Ultimate Party Bundle
Includes 100 Ultimate Party Charms!
Party Trap Skin Bundle
Both New Skins and a Bonus!
100 Speedy Coggy Colby
20 litres per catch
100 Coggy Colby Cheese
10 litres per catch
500 Factory Repair Charm
+10 litres per catch, bonus mouse
Speedy Repair Gift Basket
Great gift!
Speedy Repair Supply Kit
Cheese and charm stock up!
Large Speedy Repair Supply Kit
Has everything you need!

Lucky Day To Find a 15 Leaf Clover!

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day the Kingdom will be visited by the Lucky Mouse on Tuesday, March 14 until the end of the Birthday Event (Tuesday, March 21). During the visit you'll occasionally encounter the Lucky Mouse in several areas throughout the Kingdom, including the SUPER|brie+ Factory. During the Lucky Mouse's visit, each hunter's trap will also benefit from a +5 Luck Bonus!

Bonus Luck Event will run from March 14 to March 21

The Lucky Mouse can be found in the following locations: SUPER|brie+ Factory (unique loot!), Meadow, Town of Gnawnia, King's Arms, Tournament Hall, Windmill, Harbour, King's Gauntlet, Mountain, Calm Clearing, Laboratory, Town of Digby, Great Gnarled Tree, Bazaar, Lagoon, Training Grounds, Dojo, S.S. Huntington, Cape Clawed, Elub shore, Nerg Plains, Derr Dunes, Claw Show City, Seasonal Garden, Crystal Library, Slushy Shoreline, Muridae Market, Living Garden / Twisted Garden, and Fungal Cavern.

The Birthday Celebration will enter shutdown phase on
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
On Tuesday, March 21, 2023, the Birthday Celebration event will enter its shutdown phase. Mice in the factory will no longer drop factory repair parts and the factory rooms will no longer be upgradeable.

Hunters will still be able to earn one final crate from pumping cheese in the factory.
The Birthday Celebration will end completely on
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
After the event ends, all the leftover Factory Repair Parts, SUPER|tokens+ and Golden Punch Tickets will be removed from hunters' inventories.

Make sure to spend your Factory Repair Parts, SUPER|tokens+ and Golden Punch Tickets to grab everything you want before March 28!

-- Joshua✌️ Silveira


13 February 2023

Match two mice with one hunt! Love is in the air until February 22!

Love is in the Air!

All throughout Gnawnia, hunters and mice alike are cozying up to one another and even Larry has been seen carving a heart into the Great Gnarled Tree.

The outburst of affection has caused some mice to pair off, possibly explaining the near endless population of mice. During this outburst of affection, you may find yourself catching two mice at the same time!

While hunting anywhere in the Kingdom, you can encounter a mouse that has paired off with a Valentine's Event Mouse. Should this occur, you'll capture both mice with a single piece of cheese! Keep an eye on your Hunter's Journal for an especially lovely looking entry when this occurs.

Lovely Loot Opportunities

When capturing a Valentine's Event Mouse that has paired off with another, you'll find a variety of attractive loot items including Valentine Charms, Lucky Valentine Charms, King's Credits, Ultimate Luck Charms, collectibles, and more!

Attractive Treasure Maps

Visit any Cartographer throughout the Kingdom to pick up a Valentine's Matchmaker Scroll Case to search out treasure hidden by the Valentine's event mice!

Completing the map will reveal the location of a Valentine's Matchmaker Treasure Chest containing Points, Gold, Valentine Charms, Lucky Valentine Charms, King's Credits, and Ancient Charms. With some luck you may also find one of eight unique tradable trap skins!

With Valentine's mice encountered anywhere in the Kingdom, these maps are a great opportunity to work with fellow hunters of any rank!

Sweet Gift Boxes and More

The King has put together a few appropriate gifts to show affection to friendly hunters, or a sweet treat for yourself!

  • 15 Valentine Charms
Valentines Charms!
  • 50 Lucky Valentine Charms
Luck AND Attraction!
  • Be Mine Bouquet
Stocked with Lucky Valentine

Check out the premium shop for lovely supplies put together by the King, including attractive trap skins!

T̶h̶e̶ ̶V̶a̶l̶e̶n̶t̶i̶n̶e̶'̶s̶ ̶M̶a̶t̶c̶h̶m̶a̶k̶e̶r̶ ̶E̶v̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶e̶n̶d̶s̶ ̶F̶r̶i̶d̶a̶y̶,̶ ̶F̶e̶b̶r̶u̶a̶r̶y̶ ̶1̶7̶!̶

The Matchmaker event has been EXTENDED and ends on Wednesday, February 22

-- Franco D'Auria


7 February 2023

And she brought back the Shack!

Big, Back, with some new things in the Shack!
Big Jaq is back in the Queso Canyon with all sorts of spicy deals!

Jaqueline the Spice Merchant Returns to Queso Canyon

The travelling spice merchant Jaqueline, or "Big Jaq" as she's known to friends, has once again setup her Spice Shack in the Queso Canyon! Visit any General Store in the areas of the Queso Canyon region to browse her popup shop where all sorts of spicy deals are available.

While Big Jaq is visiting, there are also some unique loot drops to find! Boost your Bland Queso collection by recovering Kegs of Bland Queso from mice throughout the Queso Canyon region.

Kegs of Bland Queso

Big Jaq's Bland Queso Kegs have been stolen! Catch mice in Queso Canyon for a chance to get a cheesy reward (she won't mind you keeping the kegs for yourself). The kegs come in three sizes and you can use Wild Tonic to shake loose double the kegs when mice drop them!

  • Small
250 Bland Queso
  • Medium
500 Bland Queso
  • Large
1,500 Bland Queso

150 Wild Tonic DOUBLE keg drops with Wild Tonic!

These Kegs of Queso can be collected anywhere in the region, including the Queso Geyser! Fortunately, the kegs are heat-resistant and buoyant enough to safely float in the liquid hot queso at the geyser. As a result, the kegs will appear as loot drops directly from mice and not in nests.

Spice Leaf and Cork Material Exchange

Big Jaq has expanded her wares and offers a Spice Leaf and Cork Material Exchange! You can exchange up your Nachore, Spice Leaves, AND Cork Materials for higher tier items! Make sure you don't miss out!

Spice Leaf Exchange

  • Mild Spice Leaf
Cost: 6 Nachore
  • Medium Spice Leaf
Cost: 3 Mild Leaves
  • Hot Spice Leaf
Cost: 3 Medium Leaves
  • Flamin' Spice Leaf
Cost: 4 Hot Leaves
  • Cork Bark
Cost: 12 Nachore
  • Rubber
Cost: 4 Cork
  • Geyserite
Cost: 6 Rubber
  • Tungsten
Cost: 6 Geyserite

Blooming Spice Plants

Make sure to tap open the Queso Kegs as you find them to add to your inventory of Bland Queso. Visit Big Jaq's Spice Shack where you can fertilize the Bland Queso into Blooming Spice Plants of various sizes, heats, and materials.

Small Blooming Spice Plant When harvested, you are guaranteed to find Mild Spice Leaves. This blooming spice plant also contains a handful of either Medium or Hot Spice Leaves.

Medium Blooming Spice Plant When harvested, you are guaranteed to find Mild and Medium Spice Leaves. This blooming spice plant also contains a handful of either Hot or Flamin' Spice Leaves.

Large Blooming Spice Plant When harvested, you are guaranteed to find Mild, Medium, and Hot Spice Leaves. This blooming spice plant also contains a handful of Flamin' Spice Leaves, or, more rarely, Ember Roots or Ember Stones.

NEW Blooming Rubber Plant When harvested, you are guaranteed to find enough Cork Bark and Congealed Rubber for a Medium Cork along with either some Geyserite or Tungsten.

50 Wild Tonic Use Wild Tonic and Bland Queso to fertilize these plants!

Big Jaq's Bundles

Visit the Premium Shop to pick up two special one-time deals on some very spicy hunting supplies.

These special offers are only available until Big Jaq leaves on Wednesday, February 22!

Pick up Big Jaq's Budding Bundle to receive 25 Wild Tonic, 10,000 Bland Queso and a Large Blooming Spice Plant. (Limit 1 per hunter)

Pick up Big Jaq's Blooming Bundle to receive 100 Magic Essence, 200 Wild Tonic, 20,000 Bland Queso, 3 Large Blooming Spice Plants, and 3 Blooming Rubber Plants. (Limit 3 per hunter)

Big Jaq's Buddin' Bundle Tonic, Bland Queso, and a Large Plant!

Big Jaq's Bloomin' Bundle Tonic, Queso, and two plants!

Travel to the Queso Canyon!
Big Jaq is visiting Queso Canyon until Wednesday, February 22!

-- Franco D'Auria