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Welcome to the Editor's Corner. The Editor's Corner contains the basic information that any user wishing to edit the MH Wiki should know, along with a few other pages that editors can use to organize their work, as well as further reading on some editing articles.

Basic Editing Tips

The basic editing tips are meant for the casual editor who plans on adding some information to the MH Wiki. Following these guidelines will ensure that your contribution will require little or no follow up edits.

  1. Before editing, check that your information is factual. Theories and unverified information should never be on the wiki and are best discussed on the forums.
  2. You can start editing an article by clicking on the edit link in each section, or by clicking on the edit tab on the top of the page.
  3. After finishing the edit, do not click save yet. First make sure you check your edit visually using the "Show preview" button.
  4. If you are lost in your own edit, you can click on the "Show changes" button to see the work you have done.
  5. Make sure to include an Edit Summary of the work you have done. It is the textbox located above the buttons. This will provide other editors with info on the work done, and helps keep the page history organized.
  6. Tick the minor edit box if the information you have added is trivial, or edits involve minor issues such as grammar, spelling etc.
  7. Only after going through the steps 3 to 6, should you then proceed with a save.

Additional Tips

  • Checking the recent page history for past edits is usually a good idea. Sometimes, the last edit was just so bad that you should not even try fixing it. In this case, you should perform an "Undo" instead.
  • When performing any undo, make sure it to include the edit summary giving full reasons for it.
  • While most edits are in good faith, not everyone might agree that it was correct or proper. If your work is removed or changed, and you feel that it was done in error, please discuss your point of view on the subject in the Discussion page. It is also known as the Talk page.

Important Templates

Making comments on User and User:Talk pages

Some additional guidelines for edits to User and User:Talk pages:

  • Avoid editing a User page. Most users prefer that it is left for their own work, such as an introduction or list of things they are working on.
  • When making a new comment on a User:Talk page, make sure to use a section tag using "== A Section Tag ==" by adding 2 equal characters at the front and back of the section header.
  • If you are giving a reply, don't forget to indent it accordingly, as shown in the example below. This is done by adding a ':' colon mark for each level of indent.
  • Lastly, don't forget to sign your comments. It can be done by adding four tildes (~~~~) at the end of the comment.

Things you should not do

The following lists some basic things that you should not be adding or doing on the MH Wiki:

  • Linking to images on the MouseHunt servers. Why? Because the developers have asked us not to. Instead, full-resolution images should be downloaded from the game and then uploaded to and linked from a third-party image hosting site.
  • Inserting false information. This will likely lead to a ban. Serious offenders have been known to be permanently banned from the wiki.
  • Posting personal hunt results/strategy on any of the main articles. This is best left to the forums.
  • Do not discuss hunting strategy on the wiki. Again, this is better left to the forums. This is to avoid spamming the Recent changes page with non-wiki related topics.
  • Do not mention player's names for privacy reasons and because the Wiki is not meant for vanity stuff / showing off personal accomplishments.
  • If data-collecting is required for certain Wiki articles, do not post the request for data in Recent News. Post it in Mouse Lore and Strategy instead.
  • Making multiple consecutive edits to pages, such as when updating your personal pages. This again spams the Recent changes page and makes it more difficult for editors to monitor changes, especially if they are minor and incremental. Always aim to finish your work in one or two edits by making use of the "Show preview" function.


Vandalism can take a few forms. Listed below are some of the more common issues that occur on the MH Wiki.

  • Inserting false information or gibberish into articles. Note that inserting incorrect information without malice is not considered vandalism.
  • Replacing articles with nonsense.
  • Repetitive undoing of edits without any attempt at discussion and after being told to stop.

Dealing with Vandals

For minor and mostly harmless single edits, a warning should be given on the user's talk page. The warning would generally mention why the edit is considered vandalism (if not obvious), as well as a request to not repeat the mistake.

For more serious issues, it would typically require a series of reverts. A warning should be given on the user's talk page, along with a report to Dave Vanderburg on his Talk page informing him of the vandal as well as a quick summary of the issue and requesting a ban. A link to the user's contributions page is helpful.

Editors should remember that using the edit button to visually edit out vandalism is prone to mistakes. They should also avoid using the undo button for multiple edits to an article. The fastest way is to look at the page history and edit the last good entry before the malicious edits and save it, thus reverting to the most recent version of the article.

Further Reading

  • Read up on wiki etiquette here: Wikipedia:Wiki etiquette. In short, be polite and civil to other editors, and they will do the same.
  • Wikipedia contains lots of information for the interested editor. Some of the more useful and relevant links:

Editor's Links

This section links to pages that contain more information on the stuff that needs to be done around the MH Wiki. Interested editors are encouraged to visit the links to see how you can help.

  • MHWiki:Manual of Style – Contains the standardized formats of the various sets of pages such as Mouse, Location, Weapon pages etc.
  • MHWiki:Articles needing attention – Contains a list of articles that still have much to be improved upon.
  • MHWiki:Image Links – A list of all the image links used in MH Wiki. A centralized article to handle all image related issues and as a backup for images.
  • MHWiki:Data Links – Contains information on where updates should be applied. For example, when a new mouse is added, the various pages that will need to be updated to keep everything consistent.

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