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The Marketplace is a feature of the game that enables hunters to anonymously buy and sell various items with other players. Unlike the Cheese Shoppe or Trapsmith, the Marketplace is a peer-populated feature, meaning that hunters looking to buy certain items are only able to find those items that other hunters have put up for sale.

Currently, hunters are able to exchange:

NOTE: Wishing Well Basket was available for trading for a limited period of time.


MouseHunt 3.0

On 21 June 2010, the Marketplace re-opened in MouseHunt 3.0, appearing under the Shops tab. This version of the Marketplace allows hunters to anonymously post offers selling SUPER|brie+, Moon and Maki cheese, and since 26 August 2010 Zugzwang's Left Socks, and since 11 November 2010 Ninja Ambush Skin, Grungy DeathBot Skin, Fluffy DeathBot Skin and Wishing Well Basket. Once a buyer has confirmed a purchase on an offered item, the seller receives a message on their Journal page instructing them to claim their gold at the Marketplace.

MouseHunt 2.0

With the update to MouseHunt 2.0, the Marketplace was unavailable to players and was replaced by the Trading Boards where only SUPER|brie+ could be traded. In this version, trades would be negotiated through the discussion boards. Once an exchange had been agreed upon, the seller would send a trade request to the buyer who would then confirm the purchase. Hunters could have up to three pending trade requests at any one time.

MouseHunt 1.0

When the Marketplace was first introduced, hunters were able to buy and sell the Key to the Town of Digby, the Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece, and SUPER|brie+. However, the Marketplace interface was the subject of numerous complaints regarding unavailability of goods and difficulty of trading. In MouseHunt 1.0, the Marketplace feature could be found in the shops tab of the game.

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