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This treacherous environment only allows the toughest of mice to survive. Be warned: the Mountain is no place for the novice mouse hunter!

Description and Requirements

The Mountain is a location in the Gnawnia region requiring a minimum rank of Journeyman to enter. In the original release of MouseHunt on March 2008, it was the last location available to hunters. Mice in this location may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.


There are no shops available in the Mountain. Shops for the Gnawnia region can be found in the Town of Gnawnia and Harbour.

Mountain Mice

Mouse Max Points Min Gold Power Type Loot
Abominable Snow 1,750 1,751 Physical
Bionic 300 551 Physical Brie Alchemy Potion
Black Widow 480 11 Physical SUPER|brie+ cheese
Brown 115 151 Physical
Diamond 1,200 601 Physical
Dwarf 225 451 Tactical Splintered Wood
Gold 600 1,201 Physical
Granite 285 526 Physical
Grey 90 126 Physical
Ninja 2,750 351 Tactical Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
Steel 270 501 Physical
White 70 101 Physical
Zombie 2,700 2,701 Physical
  • Highlighted mice are those rarely encountered in the location.

Hunting Strategy

Hunters have several Trap Setup Options for the Mountain. Using a low power trap could result in a net loss due to the thieving mice.

Collecting enough gold to purchase either the Mouse DeathBot or NVMRC Forcefield Trap will also improve the chances of catching mice not only in the Mountain, but in most locations in the Burroughs region as well. Note, however, that the Swiss Army Mouse Trap paired together with the Stone Base will do adequately there as well and will save you money for the future Shadow-based traps. Hunters will need to obtain the Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece from a Ninja mouse and achieve Master rank before becoming eligible to travel to the Burroughs Region in the Kingdom of Gnawnia.

As the Abominable Snow Mouse can only be found in this location, hunters might want to stay in the location until they manage to capture one. Due to the rarity of the mouse however, it would be a good idea to use traps such as the Mouse DeathBot or stronger to reduce the possibility of failing to catch one.

Cheese Usage

All standard cheese types can be used in this location. Hunters who wish to maximize their profits should use either Marble or Swiss. Alternatively, hunters can use Cheddar or White Cheddar and use a Base that has a high attraction bonus such as the Wooden Base with Target.

Hunters who wish to achieve Master rank quickly should use Brie or SUPER|brie+ cheese. These cheese have better attraction rates, thus hunters will encounter more Ninja mice overall and improve their chances of getting the Map Piece.

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Trap Setup Options for the Mountain