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==MouseHunt Birthday Event Weapons==
==MouseHunt Birthday Event Weapons==
These traps benefit from a 20% power bonus when armed with a [[Party Charm]]:
These traps benefit from a 20% power bonus when armed with a [[Party Charm]], [[Super Party Charm]], [[Extreme Party Charm]], or [[Ultimate Party Charm]]:
*[[Birthday Candle Kaboom]]
*[[Birthday Candle Kaboom]]

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The MouseHunt Birthday is an annual event that celebrates the 7 March birthday of MouseHunt.

Each year the mice found during the MouseHunt Birthday event may require special cheeses or charms to attract. This information can be found on the event location page.

MouseHunt Birthday Event History

MouseHunt Birthday Event Mice

These are the Event mice that may be encountered during the annual MouseHunt Birthday event.

Birthday 900 750
Breakdancer 1,500 950
Buckethead 900 1,300
Cheesy Party 1,111 1,111
Cupcake Camo 2,500 1,000
Cupcake Candle Thief 1,000 3,000
Cupcake Cutie 3,000 900
Cupcake Runner 1,200 2,000
Dance Party 1,000 900
Dinosuit 1,400 750
El Flamenco 5,000 3,000
Factory Technician 2,500 2,500
Force Fighter Blue 1,750 1,750
Force Fighter Green 2,250 2,250
Force Fighter Pink 2,000 2,000
Force Fighter Red 1,750 2,000
Force Fighter Yellow 2,000 1,750
Para Para Dancer 2,200 1,000
Pintail 1,200 1,000
Present 900 900
Reality Restitch Mouse 6,000 1,000
Sleepwalker 1,300 900
Sprinkly Sweet Cupcake Cook 3,000 3,000
Super FighterBot MegaSupreme 2,250 225
Terrible Twos Mouse 800 1,100
Time Punk Mouse 2,500 250
Time Tailor Mouse 5,000 500
Time Thief Mouse 10,000 10,000
Vincent, The Magnificent 5,000 5,000

MouseHunt Birthday Event Cheeses

Coggy Colby Cheese, Rewind Raclette, Cupcake Colby and Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby may have special attraction effects during the annual MouseHunt Birthday event.

MouseHunt Birthday Event Charms

MouseHunt Birthday Event Bases

MouseHunt Birthday Event Weapons

These traps benefit from a 20% power bonus when armed with a Party Charm, Super Party Charm, Extreme Party Charm, or Ultimate Party Charm:

MouseHunt Birthday Event Skins

These Skins may be made available during the annual MouseHunt Birthday event.