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Throughout this site you'll find information normally discovered through gameplay. If you prefer to discover everything on your own, this site may affect your enjoyment of the game.
Welcome to the MouseHunt Wiki, where users contribute their knowledge of the MouseHunt world for the benefit of the community.

MouseHunt is a popular game in which players, referred to as hunters, catch mice with a variety of traps and cheeses in order to earn experience points and virtual gold through passive gameplay. From time to time the developers add new locations and mice as well as sponsor thousands of dollars for periodic giveaways and tournaments. MouseHunt was developed by HitGrab Inc. as a Facebook application and released to a small group for beta testing in early 2008. On 7 March 2008, MouseHunt was officially released to the general public. Just nine months later, MouseHunt earned its creators a $250,000 development grant from Facebook and the game continues to grow in popularity.

This wiki exists to inform and to educate the community of MouseHunters and those who have an interest in the MouseHunt world and its intricacies.

If you have suggestions for improvements to the wiki, spot an error, or can fill in missing information, please post a note in the Official Wiki Suggestion Thread.

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Current Events

Winter Hunt Advent Calendar

26 November 2020

Uncover festive treats in December
Open doors on your Advent Calendar throughout December to find tasty Advent Chocolates!

Advent Calendar: A Winter Hunt Tradition!

The Great Winter Hunt is just around the corner and in what has become a Gnawnian tradition, the Winter Hunt Advent Calendar will return on December 1. Every day from December 1 to December 24, hunters can open a new door on the Advent Calendar to reveal a tasty Advent Chocolate as well as a unique bonus item if they open the door on the same day!

Opening a door on the Advent Calendar will always reward an Advent Chocolate which you will be able to exchange during the Great Winter Hunt for festive-themed trap skins, journal themes, and more.

If you open a door on the same day that it unlocks, you'll also find a bonus reward alongside your chocolate! You'll find a wide variety of items as bonus rewards including SUPER|brie+, Wild Tonic, Rare Map Dust, and powerful charms, just to name a few. There truly is something for everyone, so make sure to check in each day from December 1 to December 24 to see what bonus item the Advent Calendar has to offer!

When the time comes, a banner will appear in the camp section if you have a reward to claim from the Advent Calendar. You'll find the banner above your journal if playing from a web browser or at the bottom of the camp section if playing from the mobile app.

Each new Gnawnian Day occurs at midnight UTC.

Relic Hunter Promotion Ending Soon

The various Relic Hunter Promotions in the Premium Shop will come to an end on December 1. There's little time left to take advantage of these great deals, including Gilded Scavenger Maps and $1 Rare Map Dust!

  • Gilded Scroll Case
Golden Shield in each chest!
  • Gilded Scavenger Scroll Case
Golden Shield in each chest!
  • 20 Rare Map Dust
20 for $20!
  • Rare Map Dust Crafter's Kit
200 Essence and 40 Dust for $40!
  • Gilded Scroll Case and Map Dust Bundle
Gilded Scroll + Dust
  • Relic Hunter Starter Pack
Limit Three!

Upcoming Great Winter Hunt

That brisk wind blowing from the North has the distinct fresh scent of holiday cheer which can only mean one thing: The Great Winter Hunt is nearly here! Although as often is the case, the news is not being celebrated by several "humbug" mice. Reports have already come in from around the Kingdom of gift wrapping supplies being stolen and other holiday hijinks. One early theory points to a particular mouse bent on keeping every gift for themselves by stashing them away in hidden hidey-holes throughout the Kingdom!

As reports of gift theft continue to rise, the King will no doubt soon need the help of hunters (and some magical Snow Golems) to track down this thief and return the stolen gifts to their rightful owners.

Check back on December 1 to open the first door of the Advent Calendar!

-- Dave Vanderburg

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