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Mouse Groups are groups of mice which have similar weaknesses or exist in similar locations. No mouse is currently in more than one mouse group, even if that mouse exists in many locations. The mice of each group are listed roughly in order of weakest to strongest.

Please see the Effectiveness page for detailed information on which mice are weak to which trap Power Types, as not all mice in the same group have the exact same weaknesses.

Mouse Groups

Indigenous Mice

Known Weaknesses: Physical, Shadow, Tactical, Arcane, Forgotten, Hydro, Draconic, Rift

Indigenous mice live in the core hunting areas, such as Gnawnia, The Harbor and The Mountain. Physical traps work best against indigenous mice, and they prefer normal flavours of cheese, such as cheddar, marble, swiss, brie or SUPERIbrie+.

A list of Indigenous Mice can be found here.

Gauntlet Gladiators

Known Weaknesses: none officially listed

The legion of mice swarming the King's Gauntlet comes from diverse and untold regions, and therefore their individual taste in cheese, and their power type differs as greatly as their lands of origin. Hunters seeking to take their trapping skills to the next level should look for special potion drops from the mice they are currently hunting. Only then will they possess the proper bait (and the proper knowledge of power types) to reach the top.

A list of Gauntlet Gladiators can be found here. This group is further divided into eight sub-groups, called Tiers: Puppet, Thief, Melee, Bard, Magic, Noble, Dust, and Eclipse.

Forest Guild

Known Weaknesses: Physical, Shadow, Tactical, Arcane, Hydro

Members of the Forest Guild dwell in Whisker Woods, and their traits reflect their green surroundings. Physical and tactical weapons work quite well on members of the Guild, but normal bait may not always work. While weaker Forest Guild members enjoy normal cheese, the powerful Silth mouse will only respond to something. . . extremely gnarly.

A list of Forest Guild mice can be found here.

The Shadow Clan

Known Weaknesses: Shadow, Arcane, Forgotten

These spoo-oo-ky mice like to shamble around graveyards and catacombs, looking for their favorite snack, Radioactive Blue Cheese. If you've come to the graveyard in search of the infamous Lycan Mouse, however, Moon Cheese might just make it howl.

A list of The Shadow Clan mice can be found here.

Digby Dirt Dwellers

Known Weaknesses: Physical, Shadow, Tactical, Arcane

The Digby Dirt Dwellers all share a love of subterranean life, whether they're building tunnels, hanging out in the sediment, or just picking up shiny stones they find on the ground. They are weak against physical traps, and are only attracted to the subtle vibration of Limelight Cheese.

A list of Digby Dirt Dwellers can be found here.

Followers of Furoma

Known Weaknesses: Physical, Tactical

These martial mice are weak to tactical traps. Most of them are attracted to normal cheese, but if Hunters want to navigate the Dojo, there are some things they should remember. Students will leave their training for Maki cheese any day, but Masters are only attracted to specific cheese made from the tokens dropped by students. As for the Master of the Dojo, Hunters should try hard to make his stomach rumble. Still looking for a challenge after defeating the Master? Bait your trap with the rare Onyx Gorgonzola, and you might meet the Sensei himself.

A list of Followers of Furoma can be found here.

The Forgotten Mice

Known Weaknesses: Shadow, Arcane, Forgotten

Forgotten Mice have served the will of the Acolyte Mouse for untold centuries, working to release him from his prison in the Acolyte Realm. Forgotten minions prefer Radioactive Blue or Ancient Cheese, but the overlords of the Acolyte Realm are only attracted to Runic Cheese.

A list of The Forgotten Mice can be found here.

Aquatic Order

Known Weaknesses: Physical, Tactical, Hydro

The Aquatic Order inhabits the vast blue seas of Rodentia, and a few other related waterways around Gnawnia. Normal cheese will suffice to tempt them out of the deeps, but make sure to equip a Hydro trap, or the Aquatic mouse you're after may well end up being the one that got away.

A list of Aquatic Order mice can be found here.

The Elub Tribe

Known Weaknesses: Hydro

Notable for their blue garments and love of the seashore, the Elub Tribe can only be caught using Hydro traps. Normal cheese does not interest them, so keep plenty of Gouda or SUPERIbrie+ on hand. The village elders are quite elusive, but rumor has it that Shell Cheese can bring them out of hiding.

A list of The Elub Tribe mice can be found here.

The Nerg Tribe

Known Weaknesses: Tactical

The Nerg tribe are masters of disguise, and only a tactical trap can penetrate their defenses. The younger tribe members prefer Gouda or SUPERIbrie+, but the elders will only pit themselves against your trap if a piece of Gumbo cheese is on the line.

A list of The Nerg Tribe mice can be found here.

The Derr Tribe

Known Weaknesses: Physical

The Derr Tribe have managed to survive for centuries in a harsh desert, growing stronger to combat the dry wind and the heat. As a result, only Physical traps can hold them. The tribes-mice of Derr enjoy Gouda or SUPERIbrie+, but Crunchy cheese is required to draw the attention of the tribal elders.

A list of The Derr Tribe mice can be found here.

The Dreaded Horde

Known Weaknesses: Shadow

These monstrous mice live deep in the Jungle of dread. Horde members respond only to Havarti, and each mouse prefers a different spice mixed in with their cheese. The Horde may be a picky bunch, but catching them is well worth the effort, for they are the guardians of the parts to an ancient trap capable of catching mice older than Gnawnia itself!

A list of The Dreaded Horde mice can be found here.

Draconic Brood

Known Weaknesses: Draconic

From the depths of the volcanic rock around Dracano spring the Draconic Brood, a rare and dangerous group of mice who share a love for fire and destruction. A Draconic type trap, equipped with insanely spicy Inferno Havarti Cheese, has the best chance of ending a Draconic mouse's rampage.

A list of Draconic Brood mice can be found here.

Balack's Banished

Known Weaknesses: Shadow, Arcane, Forgotten

These accursed mice have been twisted by the dark enchantment surrounding Balack's Cove. The sweet smell of Vanilla Stilton will draw them in from beyond the grave, but if you seek the Lich Elders, or Balack himself, Vengeful Vanilla Stilton will give your trap extra bite. The Banished can be caught using Shadow, Arcane, or Forgotten traps, but Forgotten traps work best against Balack and his Elder minions.

A list of Balack's Banished can be found here.

Seasonal Soldiers

Known Weaknesses: Tactical

From the ever-changing vistas of Zugzwang's garden come the Seasonal Soldiers, a group of mice who have been infused with the magic of the four seasons. If you want to draw these 'seasoned' veterans in, use normal cheeses, such as swiss, brie, gouda or SUPER|brie+ and a tactical trap, but know this: The Hunter seeking true mastery of the Seasonal Soldiers must find the special weaknesses that are unique to each season.

A list of Seasonal Soldiers can be found here. The mice in this group are further categorized into groups: Winter, Spring, Summer,Fall.

Wizard's Pieces

Known Weaknesses: Tactical

Fighting a perpetual battle within the enchanted halls of Zugzwang's tower are the Wizard's Pieces, warrior mice who follow a complicated and rigid set of rules in order to achieve victory. On one side is the Technic army, brimming with metalworks and gadgets, and on the other, the Mystic army, who use spells and charms to gain the upper hand. You'll have to defeat the entire chess set to reach the king, so plan your moves carefully!

A list of Wizard's Pieces can be found here. Twelve of the mice in this group are further categorized into two groups, Mystic and Technic.

Zurreal's Breed

Known Weaknesses: Physical and Tactical

This group of mice have specifically adapted to infiltrate Zugzwang's Library. Their non-organic mix of magic and technology allow them to pass safely through the library's specialized security where they are keen to tear the almost infinite amount of research to shreds.

A list of Zurreal's Breed can be found here.

The Marching Flame

Known Weaknesses: Physical, Tactical, Hydro, Draconic and Arcane

All that lies in the path of The Marching Flame is destroyed. This force of mice has marched the desert for years conquering land and destroying settlements.

A list of The Marching Flame can be found here. Fourteen of the mice in this group are further categorized into groups: Warrior, Scout, Archer, Cavalry, Mage, and Artillery.

Muridae Market Mice

Known Weaknesses: Physical, Tactical, Law

In wake of the Marching Flame's attack, these mice have taken claim on the Muridae Market. Rebuilding damaged shops has proven quite difficult due to these mice continuously stealing building materials as soon as they are delivered.

A list of the Muridae Market Mice can be found here.

Icewing's Invasion

Known Weaknesses: Hydro

Swarming down from the icy north, these mice are pounding on the very walls of Gnawnia's castle! While they're all repulsed by Hydro weapons (who likes being wet when it's cold?), they seems to have a particular weakness to hot Hydro weapons. Arm yourself accordingly and head out, hunters!

A list of Icewing's Invasion can be found here. The mice in this group are further divided into sub-groups:


Living Garden Mice

Known Weaknesses: Hydro

The armies of the Living Garden have really taken advantage of their environment, putting the local flora to use in crafting weapons and armour. But why are they gathering in such numbers?

A list of Living Garden mice can be found here.

Lost City Mice

Known Weaknesses: Arcane

These mice were subjected to a terrible curse that has affected them all equally and terribly. However, nobody knows where the curse came from or who exactly was responsible and recriminations abound.

A list of Lost City mice can be found here.

Sand Dunes Mice

Known Weaknesses: Shadow

Only tough and hardy mice can survive the dunes, but even they are wary and cautious around the ravenous Grubling Mice. A tenuous ecosystem flourishes in the dunes, where predators and prey both seek out food while avoiding dangerous stampedes.

A list of Sand Dunes mice can be found here.

Wild Bunch

Known Weaknesses: Law

Hardy and untamed, these varmints of the Claw Shot City have adapted to the harsh conditions of the wild frontier. It takes strong will and independence to survive far from the cozy confines of city life, and these mice have grown accustomed to the freedom from the Law.

A list of Wild Bunch mice can be found here. The mice in this group are further divided into sub-groups:

Train Robbers

Known Weaknesses: Law

These mice have one thing on their minds: Raid the supplies on the Gnawnian Express or prevent it from completing its trip. Nothing else matters to these lawless mice and they will fight to sabotage the train at all costs!

A list of Train Robbers mice can be found here. The mice in this group are further divided into sub-groups:

The Polluted

Known Weaknesses: Hydro

Sticky, Gross, Smelly and Strange. These mice have been exposed to the evils of the Laboratory for far too long and have now developed some interesting side effects! Whether it be from the pollution or the repeated strange experiments they were put through, you wont believe them until you see them!

A list of The Polluted mice can be found here.

Rift Walkers

Known Weaknesses: Rift

Located in another dimension, the Gnawnia Rift Walkers are the supreme archetypes of the Gnawnian mice. Surrounded by swirls of Rift energy, they possess power beyond belief. Even the greatest of mouse-hunting technology poses little threat to these magical, mysterious mice. To all MouseHunters seeking to challenge these mice: Steel yourselves, bring your courage, and do not let fear overcome you.

A list of Rift Walkers mice can be found here. Mice in this category also belong to either the Gnawnia Rift sub-group, the Burroughs Rift sub-group or the Whisker Woods Rift sub-group.

Rift Stalkers

Known Weaknesses: Rift

The Rift Stalkers are terrifying predators from beyond the Rift, exemplars of their kind. Far more powerful than the previously-encountered Rift Walkers. The only things that can harm them are specially-crafted Rift traps. Make sure you're properly equipped before taking on these deadly mice!

A list of Rift Stalkers mice can be found here.

Deep Sea Dwellers

Known Weaknesses: Hydro

Deep beneath the surface of the Rodentia Ocean lie the Deep Sea Dwellers. Centered around the Sunken City, there is an entire civilization of mice, isolated from the outside world, waiting to be discovered!

A list of Deep Sea Dwellers mice can be found here. These mice are further divided into sub-groups, based on how deep they are likely to be found in relation to Sunken City, and what loot they are likely to drop:


Fungal Fiends

Known Weaknesses: Forgotten, Hydro

Crawling forth from the deep, dark and dank caves and caverns below are a few unique breeds of mice descending from a long line of rocks, crystals and fungus. Strange, marvelous and powerful! Creep carefully when crawling through these caverns!

A list of Fungal Fiends mice can be found here. These mice are further divided into sub-groups, based on how deep they are in the Fungal Cavern.

Citizens of Zokor

Known Weaknesses: Arcane, Forgotten

Antiquated mice from an antiquated era. Locked away behind the lost Labyrinth, these mice have continued their existence protecting their city. If the Labyrinth doesn't get you, the mice will!

A list of the Citizens of Zokor mice can be found here. These mice are further divided into sub-groups, based on the Labyrinth hallways and Zokor districts they are in.


Event Mice

Known Weaknesses: Physical, Shadow, Tactical, Arcane, Forgotten, Hydro, Draconic, Law, Rift.

These mice are released occasionally during various parts of the year. Each is fairly unique, often requiring a specific hunting strategy.

A list of Event Mice can be found here. The mice in this group are further divided into sub-groups:

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