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Minimum Rank: [[Hunter's Title|Master]]
Minimum Rank: [[Hunter's Title|Master]]
Items: [[Loot|Ancient Tattered Cloth]] (from a [[Zombie Mouse]] in the [[Laboratory]].)
Items: [[Tattered Mousoleum Map]] (from a [[Zombie Mouse]] in the [[Laboratory]].)
==Mousoleum Mice==
==Mousoleum Mice==

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From the Travel Guide

The scientists of the nearby Laboratory would often come to the Mousoleum to harvest 'spare parts' for their various creations. This grim hunting location is now haunted by spirits of slain mice. The mice of this location seem almost unable to resist radioactive cheese.

Description and Requirements

The Mousoleum is a location in the Burroughs region.

Minimum Rank: Master

Items: Tattered Mousoleum Map (from a Zombie Mouse in the Laboratory.)

Mousoleum Mice

The Mousoleum contains much stronger mice than previous areas. Catching these higher-level mice is more difficult than catching mice in any previous area, but the rewards are greater than in previous areas. The Mousoleum is the first area that contains shadow mice, as well as some strong physical mice. A list of the mice that can be found in the Mousoleum includes the

New Traps

There are specific traps designed for use in the Mousoleum:

The Sinister Portal and Ambrosial Portals are generally considered interchangeable, much like other traps of similar powers or effects. The Bottomless Grave ranks much higher in power at 1400 power compared to the 1025 of both the Sinister and Ambrosial Portals. These can be bought from the Town of Digby Trapsmith. The portal traps have weaker power levels than several of the physical traps but are the only traps capable of catching the shadow-type mice. Of the above list, the Vampire Mouse, Ghost Mouse, Ravenous Zombie Mouse, and Mummy Mouse can only be captured by a Shadow Trap.


Radioactive Blue cheese is the only cheese that is consistently effective in attracting the shadow-type mice that are common in the Mousoleum. Cheeses that are powerful in other areas of the game, such as SUPER|brie+ and Brie, are nearly useless in the Mousoleum.

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