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#REDIRECT [[Mush Monster Mouse]]
#REDIRECT [[Mush Monster Mouse]]
The [[Mush Monster Mouse]] can be found in the [[Labyrinth]] and [[Zokor]]. It is known to drop [[Cavern Fungus]].
{{ Mouse
| id        =
| maxpoints  = 44,620
| mingold    = 5,645
| loot      = [[Labyrinth Theme Scrap V]]<br/>[[Cavern Fungus]]
| mgroup    = Citizens of Zokor
| subgroup = Fungus Farmers
| traptype  = [[Forgotten]]<br/>[[Arcane]]
| bait      = None
| habitat    = [[Labyrinth]]<br/>[[Zokor]]
| mhinfo    = mush_monster
| image      =
| desc      = The mighty Mushroom Monster Mouse is made from a mangled, mildewy, moist and mouldy maze of mushrooms! Meandering mindlessly in the murky, matchless and mostly undisturbed domains of the maze, these monstrosities remain. Their main milieu is an impeccable mix of modes that manages meaty mushroom multiplications, emboldening the mice to mature massively and mightily.
== Preferred Cheese ==
The [[Mush Monster Mouse]] prefers [[Glowing Gruyere]] in both the [[Labyrinth]] and [[Zokor]], but can be attracted with [[Standard Cheese]]s.
==Hunting Strategy==
[[Forgotten]] and [[Arcane]] weapons are '''very effective''' against the [[Mush Monster Mouse]].
:*The [[Mush Monster Mouse]] can be found in '''Plain Farming''', and '''Superior Farming'''.
:*The [[Mush Monster Mouse]] can be found in the '''Farming Garden''', and the '''Overgrown Farmhouse'''.
:*[[Cavern Fungus]]
:*[[Labyrinth Theme Scrap V]] and [[Cavern Fungus]]
== History and Trivia ==
*'''9 September 2015:''' The [[Mush Monster Mouse]] was introduced as part of the [[Hollow Heights]] release.
== Images ==

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