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== Island Info ==
== Island Info ==
*The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' can only be encountered on an [[Floating Islands#High Altitude Island|'''Physical Palisade''']] when the Hunter is engaging the island's protector.
*To encounter the '''{{PAGENAME}}''', the Hunter must pick a [[Floating Islands#High Altitude Island|'''Physical Palisade''']] on the [[Floating Islands#Sky Map|'''Sky Map''']].
**The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' will be the only mouse attractable during engagement and must be caught for the Hunter to continue progressing within the '''Physical Palisade'''.
*After catching the '''{{PAGENAME}}''', the '''Physical Palisade''' will not be available on subsequent '''Sky Maps''' until ​the Hunter has defeated all 4 [[:Category:Floating Islanders (Sky Warden)|'''Sky Wardens''']].
**Prior to encountering the '''{{PAGENAME}}''', the Hunter cannot retreat from the '''Physical Palisade'''.
*Only one '''{{PAGENAME}}''' can be caught per '''Physical Palisade'''.
== Loot ==
== Loot ==

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Paragon of Strength
Mouse Group: Floating Islanders (Sky Paragon)
Mouse Statistics
Points: 2,000,000 Gold: 100,000
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: PhysicalVery Effective Other Requirements: See Island Info below
Cheese: Cloud Cheesecake
Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake
Sky Pirate Swiss Cheese
Standard Cheese
Charm: None
Locations: Floating Islands Loot: See Loot below
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
This extraordinary mouse is a specimen of peak physical perfection. She is an expert in all forms of martial combat and is as deadly with a weapon as she is without. She has been rigorously training atop the highest island mountains since infancy. After countless years of intense conditioning in that thin atmosphere, her body has acclimated to the point where her endurance has become nearly infinite and her monstrous physical strength has become downright terrifying. Rumour has it that she wrestles Sandstorm Monstrobots as a cooldown after her workouts. Any hunter brazen enough to challenge this mountain of a mouse had better not skip leg day.
Mouse ID#: 1044

Island Info

  • To encounter the Paragon of Strength, the Hunter must pick a Physical Palisade on the Sky Map.
  • After catching the Paragon of Strength, the Physical Palisade will not be available on subsequent Sky Maps until ​the Hunter has defeated all 4 Sky Wardens.


  • Depending on the buff present, the Paragon of Strength will drop the corresponding High Altitude Loot:
Buff High Altitude Loot
Paragon Bangle Shrine Cloudstone Bangle
Paragon Silk Shrine Skysoft Silk
Paragon Sprocket Shrine Sky Sprocket
Paragon Wing Shrine Enchanted Wing

History and Trivia

  • 08 September 2020: The Paragon of Strength was introduced with the release of the Floating Islands.