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21 April 2020

Patch Notes for April 21, 2020

  • Upgraded the framework the mobile app is built on to improve performance and incorporate important security updates.
  • As a result of upgrading the mobile framework, the minimum required Android version is now KitKat (Android v4.4).
  • Restored Facebook login and support within the iOS app.
  • Fixed problem in mobile app where the keyboard would occasionally appear while scrolling.
  • Corrected some issues with receiving push notifications from the mobile app about support inquiries.
  • Corrected issue in mobile app where power type icons would appear too large.
  • Corrected issue in the mobile app where Library Assignment information would not appear without pulling to refresh Camp, sounding the horn, or taking another action.
  • Added support for iOS dark mode notifications.
  • Fixed issue where journal entries would occasionally be missing due to hunting from the Android widget until the app was relaunched.
  • Corrected issue in mobile app where searching would not work the first time a list was loaded.
  • Fixed problem causing the app to "soft crash" when changing to a new favourite trap setup.
  • Corrected image clipping problem in mobile marketplace listings for "Most Demanded" and "Most Expensive".
  • Fixed incorrect last online of "1 sec" in friends list within the mobile app.
  • Optimized how treasure map invites are sent on mobile.
  • Fixed keyboard interrupting map transition animation.
  • Fixed event mice count displaying negative or incorrect values.
  • Added stricter network checks to Android Widget to prevent spinner from spinning indefinitely.

Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.91.0 and above

-- Dave Vanderburg

15 April 2020

Patch Notes for April 15, 2020

  • Fixed an issue with some HUDs not clearing after hunters traveled to a different area.
  • Corrected duplicate items display bug with the Camp trap selector. In some cases, rapid clicking could cause items to be shown twice.

-- Andrew Stevenson

14 April 2020

Patch Notes for April 14, 2020

  • Mobile app will now properly "resync" when loading the Premium Shoppe if new items or content has been added.
  • Claiming Marketplace lists will now correctly trigger trap checks.
  • Corrected display order of some adventures.
  • Mobile app no longer allows hunters to attempt to purchase items with a max inventory quantity if the quantity being purchased would put them over the maximum.
  • Corrected missing "Rift" categorization of Rift Snowball Charms.
  • Added a cancel option to the confirm popup when leaving a tournament within the mobile app.
  • Fixed bug where Power Bonus would not appear as red for trap components with a lower Power Bonus than that of a hunter's currently equipped component.
  • Updated artwork for the Leviathan Mouse (may require clearing browser cache).
  • Favourite map hunters is now displayed even while not on a map within the treasure map interface.
  • Updated hover state for star icon used to add a hunter as a favourite map hunter within the treasure map interface.
  • Fixed bug causing Ful'Mina to be displayed as "Ful" in some interfaces.
  • Corrected issue where after removing a favourite map hunter, buttons would not re-enable to add new favourites.
  • Treasure map favourite hunters now correctly loads as disabled if already at 20/20 favourite hunters maximum.
  • Corrected issue when searching inventory items within the mobile app where the last row would be obscured by the navigation bar.
  • The tooltip on the floor progression progress bar within the Valour Rift heads-up display now displays the number of steps until the next Eclipse Mouse will be reached.
  • The "Connect with Facebook" button will no longer appear within the settings section of the mobile app if a hunter has already connected their MouseHunt account to Facebook.
  • Unstable Charm journal entries now display a thumbnail image of the charm that was produced.
  • Tapping "use" to open a gift box or supply kit within the mobile app will now immediately go to the open step if the hunter only owns a single kit/box.
  • Fixed missing display picture within the mobile app when a friend takes you on a hunt.
  • Fixed issue where Crown Collector Mouse would erroneously appear in trap effectiveness.

Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.90.7 and above

-- Dave Vanderburg

09 April 2020

Patch Notes for April 09, 2020

  • Corrected journal error with Queso Factory Pump trap where the bonus would appear on the hunt proceeding activation.
  • Corrected error where the camp trap selector would load an empty list after navigating away from and back to camp.

-- Dave Vanderburg

08 April 2020

Patch Notes for April 08, 2020

  • Super Enerchi Charms now provide a chance of looting an Enerchi Egg.
  • Eggsweeper now displays a reward summary after completing a game.
  • Prize mice now correctly do not count towards the total of Event Mice caught within the mobile app.
  • Rift Snowball Charms now appear under the "Rift" category in the trap selector.
  • Fixed issue causing the "Manage Friends" UI to display an empty list the first time it's loaded.
  • Lengthy hunter rank names are now truncated in friends list to prevent a line wrap.
  • Optimized the trap selector to reduce load time when viewing different trap components.
  • Fixed issue where some Spring Hunt Eggs would drop without owning the Eggscavator.
  • Fixed bug causing some area headers in locations with unique "phases" to flicker when the page is first loaded.
  • Revised journal text in Queso River describing various pump bonuses, including when using the Queso Factory Trap.

-- Dave Vanderburg

01 April 2020

Patch Notes for April 01, 2020

  • The SUPER|brie+ Factory has ended all tours, closed its doors and sunken back to its underwater hiding spot.
  • SUPER|brie+ Factory scoreboards have been set to be visible until April 7, 2020.

-- Dave Vanderburg