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29 December 2020

Patch Notes for December 29, 2020

  • New Year mice now award points in Snow Golem Celebration Tournaments

-- Dave Vanderburg

23 December 2020

Patch Notes for December 23, 2020

  • Hunters may now open gifts left under their tree on their hunter profile
  • Gifts may no longer be left under trees on hunter profiles
  • Reduced quantity of non-event tournaments
  • Categorized various Festive Wrapping Paper as "equipment"

-- Dave Vanderburg

17 December 2020

Patch Notes for December 17, 2020

  • Hunters can now join tournaments that start and end within 15 minutes of one another

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

16 December 2020

Patch Notes for December 16, 2020

  • Restored full item descriptions in the mobile app (Note: The mobile app must be updated to version 1.99.1 or higher to apply this fix)

Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.99.1 and above

-- Dave Vanderburg

11 December 2020

Patch Notes for December 11, 2020#2

  • Corrected Pecan Pecorino erroneously appearing in the marketplace within the mobile app (could not actually be bought/sold, creating a listing would result in an error message)
  • Updated point values for Great Winter Hunt tournaments to reduce the frequency of ties

-- Dave Vanderburg

11 December 2020

Patch Notes for December 11, 2020

  • Fixed display for cookie reward tooltip erroneously showing values from the GWH 2020 HUD behind it
  • Removed incorrect information from Golem Guardian Charm description

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

9 December 2020

Patch Notes for December 9, 2020

  • Updated Marketplace recommendations for the Festive Comet to better suit the Great Winter Hunt
  • Updated naming for Nice/Naughty Treasure Chests still in active circulation to not mention the year
  • Removed reference to "Heaters" from GWH 2019 in current HUD
  • Restored The Great Winter Hunt scoreboard event tab
  • Fixed display for cookie reward tooltip when the Great Giftnapper Mouse is present in the GWH 2020 HUD
  • Fixed issue with sending gifts of the day via the Friends, Hunter Profile, and Team pages

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

8 December 2020

Patch Notes for December 8, 2020#2

  • Fixed incorrect "Limit X" ribbon appearing in Premium Store
  • Fixed incorrect mouse stats loading when clicking a mouse image on the Mice page
  • Tweaked encounter rate of Snowflake Mouse to be consistent at the Festive Comet despite equipped HUD decoration

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

8 December 2020

Patch Notes for December 8, 2020

General Patch Notes

  • Fixed broken profile pictures in friend request inbox
  • Fixed bug causing some bundles in the Premium Shoppe to display the name of the first item in the bundle
  • Fixed bug where the Lucky Codex's bonus did not appear under "special" in the Camp section trap selector
  • Overhauled how the gift of the day is selected to prevent the gift of the day occasionally changing during the day
  • Added tomorrow's gift of the day to the gifting interface (will appear on December 9)
  • Global catch stats have been removed from mouse details until the feature can be remade from scratch
  • "Pollutinum Refined" scoreboard is once again available for viewing
  • Fixed bug causing "Must be at least 10 gold" to appear when creating a Marketplace listing for exactly 10 gold
  • Fixed bug where Marketplace would not display a warning or error when attempting to make a purchase which you lack the gold to afford
  • Updated mobile Toxic Spill HUD to display "time remaining" instead of a percentage for consistency with the browser HUD and to be more useful in general
  • Fixed bug where Tournament Competitor badge was not appearing on scoreboards
  • Fixed bug where CSS code would occasionally appear in players' news inbox
  • Updated Facebook SDK for browser clients to correct occasional errors when sharing to Facebook
  • Treasure map UI now lists progress as "X mice remaining" on both browser and mobile clients
  • Added total number of pages to Community Map Listing view
  • Corrected a missing power type effectiveness for Mairitime Pirate Mouse: This mouse now has the intended weakness to all Floating Island power types
  • Any remaining unused Cursed Skulls and Spooky Supplies have been removed from players' inventories
  • "num_linked_turns" can now be accurately accessed by modders and third-party tools
  • Corrected data entry errors in several Scroll Cases which resulted in unintended chances of finding Rare Map Dust
  • ⬆️ The following Scroll Cases have had the chance of containing Rare Map Dust increased:
  • Bristle Woods Rift Scroll Case
  • Burroughs Rift Scroll Case
  • Fort Rox Scroll Case
  • Rift Scroll Case
  • Lightning Scroll Case
  • Picchu Scroll Case
  • Sky Pirate Scroll Case (5 Person)
  • Sky Pirate Scroll Case (4 Person)
  • Warpath Scroll Case
  • Whisker Woods Rift Scroll Case
  • Sealed Terrifying Halloween Scroll Case
  • Sealed Halloween Scroll Case
  • Sealed Ghostship Scroll Case
  • ⬇️ The following Scroll Cases have had the chance of containing Rare Map Dust decreased:
  • Fungal Cavern Scroll Case
  • Labyrinth Scroll Case
  • Living Garden Scroll Case
  • Protector's Scroll Case
  • Nice List
  • Naughty List
  • Rift Stalker Scroll Case
  • Rift Walker Scroll Case
  • Sealed Lunar New Year Scroll Case
  • Valentine's Scroll Case
  • Valentine's Matchmaker Scroll Case

Great Winter Hunt Update Patch Notes The following notes are a summary of updates or differences between the 2020 and 2019 Great Winter Hunt golem events. Note: This may not be an exhaustive list of all changes.

  • Adjusted power level of several Great Winter Hunt event mice
  • Slightly increased the overall drop rate of all golem parts
  • Title required to send a golem to the Toxic Spill no longer changes based on the spill level and is instead a static requirement of Hero
  • Encountering the Stuck Snowball Mouse no longer requires a specific HUD decoration
  • Fixed bug where the mobile app would list the Joy and Glazy Mouse as encounters while using regular Pecan Pecorino
  • The Confused Courier Mouse no longer drops Throwable Snowballs
  • Increased how often golems sent to the Fiery Warpath return with Flameshards
  • Removed Forgotten Charms as possible golem reward for Zokor, replacing them with an increased chance to find Shuffler's Cubes
  • Slightly increased rewards from golems sent to Furoma Rift
  • Removed Ancient String Cheese and Runic String Cheese as possible golem reward for Bristle Woods Rift, replacing them with Rift Super Luck Charms
  • Increased how often golems sent to Moussu Picchu return with Fire Bowl Fuel
  • Increased quantity of Bland Queso, Mild Spice Leaf, and Medium Spice Leaf that golems return with when sent to Prickly Plains
  • Overhauled Queso Geyser golem rewards

Overhauled Valour Rift golem rewards, most notably adding a chance to find Champion's Fire as an exceptional item

  • Refreshed contents of the Passing Parcel and restored it as a "Paid Gift" for gold
  • Increased average Snowball Charms received when opening a Snowball Mystery Pack

Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.98.0 and above

-- Dave Vanderburg