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9 February 2021

Patch Notes for February 9, 2021(#3)

  • Added a max quantity of one for purchasing journal themes from previous Lunar New Years
  • Added a missing "Lunar New Year" tag to the Year of the Pig journal theme

-- Norm Hussey

9 February 2021

Patch Notes for February 9, 2021(#2)

Adjustments have been made to the point and gold values for certain mice related to the Lunar New Year event to address balance and better match cultural expectations:

  • All Costumed Lunar New Year mice are now each worth 2888 points and 6888 gold
  • Calligraphy Mouse is now worth 2888 points (up from 1888)
  • Red Envelope Mouse is now worth 888 gold (up from 221)

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

9 February 2021

Patch Notes for February 9, 2021

Interface, Artwork, Gameplay, and Quality-of-Life Updates

  • Revealed the inner machinations of MouseHunt mobile

Added an error message to Community Maps listings explaining why some map invites can't be requested

  • Improved restriction messaging when viewing the profile of a banished user
  • Added a popup to the gift buttons on the Friend List to inform the user when they've sent their max daily gifts
  • Restored "lazy loading" to the Friends List on mobile
  • Valentine's Bonus Hunts no longer affect any quest progression
  • Fixed some inconsistencies between the browser and mobile Lunar New Year HUDs
  • Improved quality of browser favicon
  • Improved how Lunar Lantern luck bonus is displayed in the trap setup popup

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug allowing players to favourite an empty slot in the Marketplace
  • Fixed a bug that displayed a generic error message page when the game is in maintenance mode instead of the maintenance message
  • Fixed a bug that showed an "Arm it now" option when purchasing a trap blueprint
  • Fixed a display issue causing cheese quantities to overlap in the Queso Canyon HUD
  • Fixed an issue causing the "Unfriend" link not to work on the profile of a banished user
  • Fixed an issue causing the Scoreboard search bar to not remember previously typed search terms
  • Fixed a display issue in the King's Calibrator on mobile causing four digit item costs to spill out of their button container
  • Fixed an issue causing some players to see when another player had ignored their friend request
  • Fixed an issue causing special characters in item names to not display properly in the shops
  • Fixed an issue in the 36 hour summary journal log that would incorrectly display the amount of cheese used when bonus hunts were involved
  • Fixed incorrect messaging in the preview for Slayer map upgraded chest rewards

Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.101.0 and above -- Norm Hussey