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Patch Notes for October 24, 2022

  • Premium Store in browser now shows all images for bundles with multiple Trap Skins

-- Giorgio 😎 Sintichakis

Patch Notes for October 17, 2022

  • Mousedrake Root can now be smashed using the Hunter's Hammer to receive one Rift Spooky Charm

-- Dave Vanderburg

Patch Notes for October 13, 2022

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the last piece of Condensed Creativity to not be consumed after finishing a book in the Table of Contents

-- Norman Hussey

Patch Notes for October 12 (#4), 2022

  • Removed "Mousedrake Root Collected" entry from the Boiling Cauldron scoreboard

-- Franco D'Auria

Patch Notes for October 12 (#3), 2022

  • Pungent Pumpkins can now be smashed into 1 x Spooky Charm each
  • Marshmarrow can now be smashed into 1 x Super Spooky Charm each
  • Ghost Peppers can now be smashed into 1 x Extreme Spooky Charm each
  • AvocAAAAHdos can now be smashed into 1 x Ultimate Spooky Charm each
  • Fixed typo in the Boiling Cauldron Trap description
  • Fixed display for the Boiling Cauldron Trap's Boon Bonus description on mobile
  • Fixed issue with Spooky Shuffle displaying invalid card combinations during "Grand Duke and up" board
  • Fixed a display issue when zooming in on the bait selector in the Gloomy Greenwood
  • Enabled the Halloween-themed side bars
  • Terrifying Spider Trap should now emerge from its web

-- Franco D'Auria

Patch Notes for October 12 (#2), 2022

  • Removed ingredient exchange from the Apothecary
  • Added Insidious Incense to the Marketplace
  • Fixed potions displaying incorrect recipes

-- Franco D'Auria

Patch Notes for October 12, 2022

Halloween Updates

Gloomy Gathering Charms

  • Name has been updated to "Gloomy Charm"
  • Charms no longer boost ingredient drops
  • Gloomy Gathering charms can now be smashed into 1 x Insidious Incense each

Spooky Shuffle

  • "Baron to Count" title range has been updated to "Baron to Duke", with appropriate reward changes
  • "Duke and Up" title range has been updated to "Grand Duke and Up", with appropriate reward changes
  • "Grand Duke and Up" title range now has items from the Floating Islands and the Folklore Forest


  • Riftifier Potion has been updated with a new recipe for Rift Rainbow Spore Charms
  • Updated the Boiling Cauldron Trap with new description and functionality for the introduction of Baba Gaga's Boon
  • Fixed the issue with Pumpkin Treat Baskets rarely awarding no items when being opened
General Bug Fixes
  • Updated the Deep Freeze Base to now have a maximum owned quantity limit of 1
  • Fixed issue with the Denture base journal entries rendering out of order when used on passive hunts
  • Reordered the Travel list on mobile to properly accommodate the Folklore Forest areas
  • Fixed error that was caused on mobile when opening certain types of treasure maps
  • Corrected the size of Queso Geyser cork building journal entries
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect loot items to highlight on the Foreword Farm HUD when growing Twisted Parable Papyrus plants

-- Franco D'Auria

Patch Notes for October 4, 2022

  • Fixed grammatical error in journal entry regarding disarming bait after finishing writing in the Table of Contents
  • Fixed issue with loading Premium Store directly from a link after logging in
  • Fixed incorrect image for the Farming and Fishing Scroll Case in Larry's Loot Lexicon (you may need to clear your browser cache to see this)

-- Giorgio 😎 Sintichakis