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  | 34,500
  | 34,500
  | Followers of Furoma
  | Followers of Furoma
  | align="left" | [[Divine Orb]]<br/>[[Master's Seal]]<br />[[Onyx Mallet Blueprints]]<br/>[[Onyx Stone]]<br/>[[Satchel of Gold]] (5,000)<br/>[[Satchel of Gold]] (10,000)
  | align="left" | [[Ancient Relic]]<br/>[[Divine Orb]]<br/>[[Master's Seal]]<br />[[Onyx Mallet Blueprints]]<br/>[[Onyx Stone]]<br/>[[Satchel of Gold]] (5,000)<br/>[[Satchel of Gold]] (10,000)

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The stairs that lead to the third and final floor of the Pagoda are behind a thick, opulent set of double doors and are extremely well guarded. The grand chamber of this floor is where the Masters of the Dojo reside, occasionally seen peering over the landscape they wish to enslave. Any hunter wishing to challenge these powerful mice will require an unstable and rare cheese.

Description and Requirements

The Pinnacle Chamber is a location in the Furoma region requiring a minimum rank of Grandmaster and the Stitched Furoma Map Piece to enter. Mice in this location may steal points or gold (but not multiple pieces of cheese) if not captured.


There are no shops available in the Pinnacle Chamber. Shops for the Furoma region can be found in the Training Grounds.

Pinnacle Chamber Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Hapless 50 70 Followers of Furoma Ambush Trap Blueprints
Master of the Dojo 15,925 27,300 Followers of Furoma Onyx Stone
Dojo Sensei 28,665 34,500 Followers of Furoma Ancient Relic
Divine Orb
Master's Seal
Onyx Mallet Blueprints
Onyx Stone
Satchel of Gold (5,000)
Satchel of Gold (10,000)

Hunting Strategy

The Pinnacle Chamber, similar to the Meditation Room, requires crafted cheese for successful hunting unless hunters are still looking for Hapless mice. Hunters must use Rumble cheese to attract Master of the Dojo mice in this location. Onyx Gorgonzola cheese is required to attract the Dojo Sensei. Using a more powerful Tactical type trap like the Ambush Trap with either the Explosive Base or Polar Base will also increase the chance of capturing the Master significantly; an even better trap like the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap is recommended before going after the Sensei.

Hunting tips by Larry

Oh, I do not envy you now, MouseHunter! You are in the great Pinnacle Chamber where the powerful Master of the Dojo resides!

So powerful is the Master of the Dojo that no bait other than that of Rumble cheese can tempt them. Rumble cheese vibrates and shakes as arcs of electricity shoot outwards from its center. The Master of the Dojo is drawn to its power, making it perfect to use as bait when hunting here.

Along with the Master of the Dojo are their lowly servants, the Hapless mice. Although incredibly weakened by years of oppression, whispers of revolt are sometimes heard between them. Perhaps hunting these Hapless mice will reveal a weakness of the Master of the Dojo...

There are also rumors of another mouse, as old as the Dojo itself, who may frequent this chamber. Onyx Marbled Gorgonzola, the most hallowed of Furoma cheeses, may draw it out of hiding. The cheese has been successfully mixed from Onyx Stone, Curds and Whey and Ionized Salt, but my sources tell me that the process is highly unstable. Craft this cheese at your own risk!


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