Plague Hag Mouse

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Plague Hag Mouse
Mouse Group: The Polluted
Mouse Statistics
Points: 46,000 Gold: 3,000
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Hydro Other Requirements: ??
Cheese: Rancid Radioactive Blue Charm: ??
Locations: Toxic Spill Loot: Canister Ring
Crude Pollutinum
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
Attracted by the copious amounts of pollution and fast-spreading rumors of "extraordinary" powers, the Plague Hag Mouse has come to incorporate the toxins and pollution into her craft. She brews a secret concoction of poisons, hoping to unlock the answers hidden deep within in the sludge, making herself all-powerful!
Mouse ID#:

The Plague Hag Mouse is a breed of mouse found in the Toxic Spill, for hunters of rank Lord/Lady and above.

Preferred Cheese

Plague Hag mice are especially attracted to Rancid Radioactive Blue cheese, to the point that any other kind of cheese will simply not suffice.

Hunting Strategy

Hydro type traps such as Oasis Water Node Trap or Phantasmic Oasis Trap are effective against the Plague Hag Mouse.

History and Trivia

  • Released on 21 January 2014 as part of the Toxic Spill content.