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The '''Pneumatic Dirt Displacement Mouse''' is a breed of [[mouse]] found in the [[Burroughs Rift]]. It is not known to drop any loot.
#REDIRECT [[Pneumatic Dirt Displacement]]
{{ Mouse
| id        =
| maxpoints  = 35,000
| mingold    = 4,500
| loot      = None
| mgroup    = Rift Walkers
| subgroup  = Burroughs Rift
| traptype  = [[Rift]]
| bait      = [[Terre Ricotta]]
| habitat    = [[Burroughs Rift]]
| mhinfo    = rift_pneumatic_dirt_displacement
| image      = {{MHdomain}}/images/mice/large/af01aa3da36bc1308fca69c9eb98cf8e.jpg
| desc      = Built to dig, dig, dig! The Pneumatic Dirt Displacement Mouse gets wireless instructions sent to him through his receiver tail. He spends his time digging tunnels, passages and levelling out the land as required.<br/><br/>These mice seem to be preparing for some kind of unknown major construction or possible excavation project.
== Preferred Cheese ==
'''Pneumatic Dirt Displacement''' mice have been found to be especially attracted to [[Terre Ricotta]], to the point that any other kind of cheese will simply not suffice.
== Hunting Strategy ==
'''Pneumatic Dirt Displacement''' mice are weak to [[Rift|Rift Traps]]. They can only be attracted by [[Terre Ricotta]] when the [[Mist Meter]] is in the Yellow or Green Zone.
== History and Trivia ==
* '''Pneumatic Dirt Displacement''' mice were introduced on 09 September 2014, with the introduction of the [[Burroughs Rift]].
== Images ==
* [{{MHdomain}}/images/mice/large/af01aa3da36bc1308fca69c9eb98cf8e.jpg Original version]
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