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Each mouse caught is worth a specific number of points. These points are a tally of the experience of the hunter. The number of points a hunter has places him into a certain category, such as Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, Grandmaster, Legendary or Hero. The points allow the hunter to travel to different areas.

Points are gained by slaughtering and festing on the blood of your enemys(The mouse). The heavier the mouse is, the less points it is worth. Since a smaller mouse is faster, it is more challenging to catch, and therefore worth more points. In certain areas, the mice might steal points if you attract but fail to catch them. These areas are the Harbour, the Mountain, the Laboratory and the Mousoleum. Up to now, the Mousoleum is the best place to make points and gold quickly although the mice tend to cause severe damage there. However, the Mousehunt developers slightly reduced the possible point losses in these areas after the rollout of Mousehunt 2.0.