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"Mice have specific weaknesses to certain Power Types. Using the appropriate weapon in the appropriate area is a critical part of any hunter’s strategy."

Weapons and mice have one of the following Power Types: Physical, Tactical, Shadow, Forgotten, Arcane and Hydro. The Power Type of a weapon determines its effectiveness against a particular mouse. The Power Type of a mouse often determines which type of trap will be effective against it, but traps of a given Power Type may have a different effectiveness on different mice within a Power Type. For example, while non-physical traps are effective against most physical mice, this is not true of the physical mice of Derr Dunes, where weapons that are not physical are less effective. In addition, the effectiveness of a given weapon type against a mouse may depend on where the mouse is found. See the page on Effectiveness for the specific effect a weapon's power type has on a mouse.

In many cases, the following generalizations about effectiveness can be made with respect to weapon and mouse Power Type:

  • Physical weapons are of normal effectiveness against physical mice and tactical mice in the early game, and less effective against other types.
  • Tactical weapons are especially effective against tactical mice and normal against most physical mice.
  • Shadow weapons are especially effective against shadow mice and normal against forgotten and most physical mice, though their low power means they are not particularly useful against these mice.
  • Arcane weapons are especially effective against forgotten mice and normal against shadow mice and most physical mice.
  • There is currently no trap effective against Arcane mice.
  • There is currently no trap of the forgotten type.
  • Hydro weapons are effective against hydro mice and most physical mice.

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