Prize Mice

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This page was last updated to represent the information known to hunters for the most recent King's Giveaway (03 June 2021).

Prize Mice Chance and Cooldown Table

Mouse Chance to encounter any
Prize Mouse during giveaway
Chance to encounter any
Prize Mouse outside giveaway
Global Cooldown
during giveaway
Global Cooldown
outside giveaway
Treasurer ~15%


No Cooldown
High Roller
Mobster 120 Days 1 to 3 Minutes 1 to 17 Hours
Leprechaun 300 Days

Prize Mice, Encounter, Selection and Catching

Prize Mice

The prize mice are Treasurer, Snooty, High Roller, Mobster and Leprechaun.
The prize mice use the bonus hunt system, so like the Relic Hunter, the prize mice do not consume cheese or charms when attracted or caught.

Encounting a Prize Mouse

  • The Hunter must be Recruit or higher and have finished the tutorial.
  • The Hunter needs to encounter a regular mouse (Catch or Failure to Catch) to have a chance of a prize mouse encounter.
  • The chance of encountering any Prize Mouse is stated in the table above.

Selecting a Prize Mouse

  • The Treasurer is most common, followed by Snooty, High Roller, Mobster and finally the Leprechaun which is least common.
  • The Treasurer, Snooty and High Roller are always added to the prize mouse population: they do not have any cooldown.
  • The Mobster and Leprechaun are added to the population if they are not on any cooldown. Both mice have separate cooldowns.
  • If a hunter attracts and misses a Mobster or Leprechaun, that mouse is still available and the cooldown does not apply.
  • There are two types of cooldown, Global and Personal:
  • Global cooldown: once a Mobster or Leprechaun is caught by any hunter, no other hunter in the game can encounter one until the cooldown period has passed.
  • Personal cooldown: once a hunter has caught a Mobster or Leprechaun, they can not encounter another one until the cooldown period has passed, regardless of whether a King's Giveaway is active.
  • Details on both the Global and Personal cooldowns are stated in the table above.

Catching a Prize Mouse

  • The normal hunt routine is followed.
  • The Treasurer is the easiest to catch, the Leprechaun is the hardest to catch.
  • Catching a Prize Mouse creates a bonus hunt entry in the Hunter's Journal:
[Time] - [Location]
Lucky me, a prize mouse wandered by and fell for my trap!
I caught a [weight] [mouse name] before it could even touch my cheese!
The mouse dropped the following prize:
[Loot Item]
  • Missing one creates the following entry:
[Time] - [Location]
Shoot! A prize mouse was nearby but didn't set off my trap!
The [mouse name] scampered off without coming near my cheese.


  • The encounter rates and cooldown times are from the FeedBack Friday on 24 July 2020, there were different encounter rates and cooldown times in the past.
  • Prize Mice and other "bonus" encounters work slightly differently than a normal encounter to avoid these mice interfering with normal area progression. Bonus hunts do not consume cheese or charms, or trigger special hunting effects and abilities. This means bonus hunts will not do things such as move your submarine forward in the Sunken City, advance your position in the Valour Rift, affect rage levels in Whisker Woods Rift, etc. Bonus hunts are also exempt from area-specific trap bonuses and effects like the Furoma Rift Droid.