Queso Geyser

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Queso Geyser
Region: Queso Canyon
Minimum Rank: Count/Countess
Travel Requirement: Fully-Functional Queso Geyser Replica Clay Model
Recommended Power Types: Draconic
Recommended Cheese: Bland Queso
Mild Queso
Medium Queso
Hot Queso
Flamin' Queso
Wildfire Queso
Number of Mice: 21
Shops: Trapsmith
General Store
Charm Shoppe
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: Yes
Lose Cheese: No
Release Date: 30 April 2019


Queso Geyser is a location in the Queso Canyon region requiring a minimum rank of Count/Countess to enter. It also requires the purchase of the Fully-Functional Queso Geyser Replica Clay Model from __________.

Hunters loot Cork Bark, build Pressure and hunt Dragon Nests for loot.

Collecting Cork Bark

Hunters can arm Bland Queso, Mild Queso, Medium Queso, Hot Queso, Flamin' Queso or Wildfire Queso to attract mice that drop Cork Bark.

Cork Bark is used to construct Small, Medium, Large or Epic Corks.

Building Pressure

Hunters can arm Bland Queso, Mild Queso, Medium Queso, Hot Queso, Flamin' Queso or Wildfire Queso to attract mice that build pressure.

The amount of pressure needed to blow a cork and cause an eruption is dependant on the type of cork constructed.

Looting Dragon Nests

After causing an eruption, Hunters can arm Bland Queso, Mild Queso, Medium Queso, Hot Queso, Flamin' Queso or Wildfire Queso to loot the Dragon Nest for ______


The HUD tracks the Following Items:

On the center top of the HUD, beside the area's name -Queso Geyser- there is a travel icon. When clicked, a popup appears showing Queso River, Prickly Plains, Cantera Quarry and Queso Geyser. From here, hunters can freely travel to any of the 4 locations listed.

Hunters can arm and craft the various cheeses by hovering over the corresponding HUD components and picking which recipe they prefer to craft.

While looting Bark Cork

On the left, there is a list with Small, Medium, Large and Epic Corks along with the required items to construct them. Upon clicking each, there is an option to condtruct them

Constructing requirements

Small Cork:

Medium Cork:

Large Cork:

Epic Cork:

While building Pressure

In the middle, there is a gauge which tells hunters how much pressure is required to cause an eruption for each of the 4 different corks.

On the left, there is a countdown that causes an eruption regardless if it hits 0.

Small Cork:

  • 10 Hunts

Medium Cork:

  • 25 Hunts

Large Cork: ?

Epic Cork: ?

During an Erruption

On the left, the size of your eruption is stated along with the number of hunts you have remaining to loot the Dragon Nest. Below it, the size of the nest is displayed. It it dependant on the amount of loot obtained by hunting mice

Tiny Eruption (only if one does not hit the minimum to even trigger a small eruption, which is 35 pressure: ?

Small Eruption:

  • 10 Hunts

Medium Eruption:

  • 20 Hunts

Large Eruption: ?

Epic Eruption: ?


Cheese Preference and Loot

All mice require some variety of Queso. The mouse pool changes according to the stage in which hunters are at.

Cork Collectors

Only available when there is no Eruption and when no Cork has been constructed

Bland Queso Mild Queso Medium Queso Hot Queso Flamin' Queso Wildfire Queso Loot
Fuzzy Drake 8,000 900 Cork Bark
Cork Defender 10,000 2,900 Cork Bark
Burly Bruiser 15,000 4,500 Cork Bark
Corky, the Collector 20,000 5,000 Cork Bark
Horned Cork Hoarder 35,000 6,000 Cork Bark
Rambunctious Rain Rumbler 60,000 9,000 Cork Bark
Corkataur 225,000 40,000 X Cork Bark
Wild Tonic

Pressure Builders

Only available after a Cork has been constructed and there is no eruption.

Bland Queso Mild Queso Medium Queso Hot Queso Flamin' Queso Wildfire Queso Loot Pressure
Steam Sailor 12,000 2,000 X X X X 5
Warming Wyvern 28,000 4,500 X X X 15
Vaporior 40,000 7,000 X X 40
Pyrehyde 80,000 10,000 X 100
Emberstone Scaled 300,000 60,000 X Ancient Relic 1,500

Geyser Hunters

Only available after an eruption is triggered when a cork hits maximum pressure,

Bland Queso Mild Queso Medium Queso Hot Queso Flamin' Queso Wildfire Queso Loot
Mild Spicekin 30,000 3,000 X X X
Sizzle Pup 35,000 3,000 X X X X
Smoldersnap 40,000 5,000 X X X
Bearded Elder 45,000 5,000
Ignatia 50,000 8,000 X X
Cinder Storm 60,000 8,000
Bruticus, the Blazing 90,000 15,000 X
Stormsurge, the Vile Tempest 200,000 20,000
Kalor'ignis of the Geyser 325,000 75,000

Hunting Strategy

Hunting tips by Larry

Ah, Queso Geyser! The heart of the whole queso operation. A natural fount of delicious, molten queso that bubbles and gurgles its way from the unknown depths of Gnawnia's core to the surface. The most prevalent geologists have determined this to be biggest and most active geyser currently known within the entire Kingdom!

Its constant activity causes it to be a source of extreme heat as well as delicious cheese. Due to this, the strongest family of mice have taken roost here. Very powerful dragons have now made this their home, hoarding valuables and basking in the molten queso showers.

These Draconic mice are attracted to the natural eruptions that periodically occur and will roost nearby until one happens. Luckily, those clever geologists have found that you can create an all-natural barrier using cork and other materials found nearby to plug up the geyser and cause artificial eruptions allowing one to purposefully attract the geyser-dwelling dragons!

You will need to hunt the more timid mice in the area that come out when the geyser is least active. Catching them will award you with valuable Cork Bark that you can use to craft a cork and plug up the geyser, starting a build-up of pressure.

Once corked, the geyser will start to rumble and build pressure, scaring away the timid mice and bringing about the ones who thrive in and around the newly created high-pressure environment. As these mice are caught, their explosive energy will be captured and cause the pressure contained inside the geyser to build until it inevitably explodes!

During the cheesy eruption, the most powerful dragons of the area come out to stake claim to the delicious queso and to all the shiny and valuable materials that shake lose. If you can capture any of these mice, they will drop some of their impressive loot into the Dragon Nest.

When the eruption calms and these dragons leave, you will be able to safely loot the nest and see what valuable treasures they have left behind!

Good luck hunters, may you strike it rich!

Adventure Book

Hunters can Slay The Geyser Dragon in Queso Geyser

Slay The Geyser Dragon

Discover Queso Geyser

Cause a Small Eruption

  • Collect Cork Scraps.
  • Construct a Small Cork.
  • Reach 30 pressure to cause a small eruption.
  • Find Congealed Rubber during a small eruption.

Cause a Medium Eruption

  • Construct a Medium Cork.
  • Reach 175 pressure to cause a medium eruption.
  • Find Geyserite during a medium eruption.

Cause a Large Eruption

  • Construct a Large Cork.
  • Reach 1,000 pressure to cause a large eruption.
  • Find Tungsten during a large eruption.

Slay The Epic Dragon

  • Construct an Epic Cork.
  • Reach 3,000 pressure to cause an epic eruption.
  • Slay Kalor'ignis

This adventure takes place in: Queso Geyser Queso River Prickly Plains Cantera Quarry


  • 150,000 Gold
  • 8,000,000 Points


These are the shoppes found in Queso Geyser.

Charm Shoppe

Item Cost Refund Requirements
Dragonbane Charm 250 Nachore
5Solidified Amber Queso
Wealth Charm 5 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Cactus Charm 5 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Dusty Coal Charm 25 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Unstable Charm 20 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Black Powder Charm 30 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Queso Pump Charm 300 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Magmatic Crystal Charm 900 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Ultimate Charm 375,000 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Baitkeep Charm 400,000 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Crafting Items
Item Cost Refund
Charmbit 25 20

General Store

Item Cost Refund Requirements
Queso Thermal Spring 4,500 Solidified Amber Queso
Thermal Chisel 7,000 Solidified Amber Queso
Geyser Smolder Stone 12,500 Solidified Amber Queso
Meteorite Piece 10 Nachore NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Mineral 15 Nachore NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Explore the Fungal Cavern
Scrap Metal 50 Nachore NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Queso Canyoneer Theme Scrap I 1000 Nachore NA NA


Item Cost Refund Requirement Power
Power Power Bonus Attraction Bonus Luck Cheese Effect
Queso Fount Trap 12,000,000
500 Solidified Amber Queso
75 Nachore
3 Queso Thermal Spring
NA Count
title to equip
Hydro 11,000 30% 10% 25 Stale
Gouging Geyserite Trap 13,000,000
1,000 Solidified Amber Queso
150 Nachore
3 Thermal Chisel
NA Count
title to equip
Tactical 9,000 20% 10% 23 Fresh
Smoldering Stone Sentinel Trap 15,000,000
2,500 Solidified Amber Queso
300 Nachore
3 Queso Thermal Spring
NA Count
title to equip
Physical 12,000 25% 10% 25 Very Stale


Item Cost Requirements
Fungal Cavern Map Piece 300 Nachore
1 Tungsten

History and Trivia

  • 30 April 2019: Queso Geyser was released as the expansion to Queso Canyon.

To move to a new area within the game, click on the TRAVEL button. The map will show all your discovered areas, as well as any special considerations of note in a specific area. It will also show the minimum rank required to hunt in that area.

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