Queso River

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Queso River
Region: Queso Canyon
Minimum Rank: Count/Countess
Travel Requirement: Queso Dowsing Rod
Recommended Power Types: Law
Recommended Cheese: Standard Cheese
Wildfire Queso
Number of Mice: 6
Shops: Cheese Shoppe
General Store
Charm Shoppe
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: Yes
Lose Cheese: Yes
Release Date: 26 June 2018


Queso River is a location in the Queso Canyon region requiring a minimum rank of Count/Countess to enter. It also requires the purchase of the Queso Dowsing Rod from the Fort Rox Cartographer.

Hunters Pump Queso to hunt with in Prickly Plains and Cantera Quarry.

Collecting Bland Queso

Using standard bait, hunters will pump Bland Queso from the river. While some mice might drop small amounts, the majority of the cheese obtained will not be via mouse loot but rather, your pump. The Higher your pump's level, the more Bland Queso is obtained.

Pump Level
Bland Queso per catch
Nachore upgrade cost
1 1 NA
2 2 10
3 5 25
4 7 100
5 12 150
6 30 300
7 40 1,000
8 60 2,000
9 150 3,000
10 200 5,000

Hunting Queen Quesada

Queen Quesada can only be attracted with Wildfire Queso armed.


The HUD shows your current pump level on the top left corner together with the amount of Nachore Owned. Clicking on it, hunters can see the upgrade cost and yield for each level of the pump. On the right, there is a button to click to upgrade your pump.

On the centre top of the HUD, beside the area's name -Queso River- there is a travel icon. When clicked, a popup appears showing Queso River, Prickly Plains and Cantera Quarry. From here, hunters can freely travel to any of the 3 locations listed.

The HUD tracks the Following Items:

Hunters can arm and craft the various cheeses by hovering over the corresponding HUD components and picking which recipe they prefer to craft.


Cheese Preference and Loot

Standard Cheese will attract most River Riders.
SUPER|brie+ is required to attract the Sleepy Merchant.
Wildfire Queso is required to attract Queen Quesada


Wildfire Queso Loot
Sleepy Merchant 25,000 5,000 River Riders X Bland Queso
Wild Tonic
Simple Orb
Flawlss Orb
Tiny Saboteur 8,500 900 River Riders X X
Pump Raider 15,000 1,000 River Riders X X
Croquet Crusher 12,000 2,000 River Riders X X
Queso Extractor 8,008 4,000 River Riders X X
Queen Quesada 300,000 70,000 River Riders X Unstable Ember Gadget

Hunting Strategy

Hunting tips by Larry

Greetings, hunters, and welcome to Queso Canyon!

First stop: Queso River, where an endless supply of delicious Bland Queso flows. You will want to start hunting here first as these mice are sick of the queso from the river and will find your standard cheeses, like Gouda and SUPER|brie+, to be more interesting. This river of liquid cheese can be extracted using one of these specialized pumps that has been established by the King, assigned to each hunter. These pumps produce Bland Queso with each successful catch.

Bland Queso can be used in the Prickly Plains to gather valuable spices or at the Cantera Quarry to gather essential Nachore. Spices can be used to make spicier queso cheese and the Nachore is required to upgrade your Queso Pump. The better your pump, the more Bland Queso you can extract on each catch!

Careful not to spend too much time pumping cheese here without upgrading your pump. You will want to pump small batches to use at the Prickly Plains and Cantera Quarry to make pumping more efficient over time!

Adventure Book

Hunters can Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed while hunting in Queso River.


These are the shoppes found in Queso River.

Charm Shoppe

Item Cost Refund Requirements
Dusty Coal Charm 1 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Wealth Charm 5 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Cactus Charm 5 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Unstable Charm 20 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Black Powder Charm 30 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Queso Pump Charm 300 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Magmatic Crystal Charm 900 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Ultimate Charm 375,000 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Baitkeep Charm 400,000 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Crafting Items
Item Cost Refund
Charmbit 25 20

Cheese Shoppe

Item Cost Ea. Refund
Swiss 100 100
Brie 200 200
Gouda 600 600

General Store

Item Cost Refund Requirements
Meteorite Piece 10 Nachore NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Mineral 15 Nachore NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed
Scrap Metal 50 Nachore NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed


Item Cost Refund Requirements Power Type Power Power Bonus Attraction Bonus Luck Cheese Effect
Judge Droid Trap 470,000 84,600 NA Law 2,000 10% None 6 Very Fresh
Scarlet Ember Root Trap 1 Ember Root
100 Nachore
NA NA Forgottern 6,000 3% 10% 7 Very Stale
Blazing Ember Spear Trap 4 Ember Roots
8 Ember Stone
500 Nachore
NA Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed Draconic 5,500 15% 10% 12 Extremely Stale
Ember Prison Core Trap 15 Unstable Ember Gadgets
8 Ember Roots
8 Ember Stones
5,000 Nachore
NA Meteor Prison Core Trap Law 4,500 25% 10% 16 Stale
Item Cost Refund Requirements Power Power Bonus Attraction Bonus Luck Cheese Effect
Overgrown Ember Stone Base 7,800,000
15 Ember Roots
12 Ember Stones
1,000 Nachore
NA NA 450 10% 18% 12 Ultimately Stale

History and Trivia

To move to a new area within the game, click on the TRAVEL button. The map will show all your discovered areas, as well as any special considerations of note in a specific area. It will also show the minimum rank required to hunt in that area.

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