Rare Map Dust

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Scraped carefully from an old, rare map, this dust can instantly transform a Common Treasure Map into a Rare Treasure Map, increasing the rewards gained for everyone working on solving it! The difficulty of the map doesn't increase, only the delicious loot!

Rare Map Dust leads to Rare Treasure Chests containing:

  • Two times the points!
  • Two times the gold!
  • Two times the Ancient Charms!
  • More loot!
  • And twice the chance of super-rare loot!


To use a Rare Map Dust, click on the Treasure Map currently being followed and click Upgrade. This upgrade is applied to all players following the map, not just the player that does the upgrade. Once the dust has been applied, the map changes from a Common map to a Rare map. The list of mice to be captured remains the same. The only difference is that, upon completion of the map, the Treasure Chest awarded will be a Rare treasure chest instead of a normal one. The following message is placed in the Hunter's Journal of the hunter that performs the upgrade:

I used Rare Map Dust, upgrading my Common Treasure Map into a Rare Treasure Map!

or when used on a Wanted Poster:

I used Rare Map Dust, upgrading my Common Wanted Poster into a Rare Wanted Poster!