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{{ Mouse
#REDIRECT [[Realm Ripper]]
| id        = 279
| maxpoints  = 3,000
| mingold    = 1,440
| loot      = [[Ancient Relic]]<br/>[[Divine Orb]]<br/>[[Rune]]<br />[[Runic Potion]]<br />[[Stale Cheese]]<br/>[[Warp Nail]]
| mgroup    = The Forgotten Mice
| traptype  = [[Arcane]]
| bait      = [[Ancient (cheese)|Ancient]]<br />[[Radioactive Blue]]
| habitat    = [[Forbidden Grove]]
| mhinfo    = http://apps.facebook.com/mousehunt/adversaries.php?mouse=realm_guardian
| image      = http://i52.tinypic.com/anof9d.jpg
| desc      = Seldom seen, but often felt as a buzz in the air or the smell of ozone, Realm Ripper mice bounce between dimensions at will, revelers in time and space. Because they are free to inhabit any time period and dimension, Realm Rippers seldom form any permanent allegiances, but the Acolyte Mouse has managed to bribe a number of them to ferry his minions in and out of his prison in the Acolyte Realm.
The '''Realm Ripper Mouse''' is a breed of [[mice|mouse]] found in the [[Forbidden Grove]]. They are known to drop [[Divine Orb|Divine Orbs]], [[Rune|Runes]], [[Runic Potion|Runic Potions]], [[Stale Cheese]], and occasionally an [[Ancient Relic]], as loot. They are also known to drop [[Warp Nail]]s as loot, but only while hunters are in the process of completing the [[Library Assignments#Zurreal Trap Research Assignment|Zurreal Trap Research Assignment]].
Realm Ripper mice are only found in the Forbidden Grove, when the gates are closed, and are the only mice there at that time. Upon capturing this mouse, hunters are transported to the [[Acolyte Realm]].
==Preferred Cheese==
When the Forbidden Grove closes, the Realm Ripper mouse is the only mouse that can be attracted by hunters remaining in the Forbidden Grove. Realm Ripper mice have been found to be particularly attracted to [[Ancient (cheese)|Ancient]] and [[Radioactive Blue]] cheese, but other cheeses such as [[White Cheddar]] and [[Brie]] can also be used to attract the Realm Ripper. [[Runic]], on the other hand, is not recommended, as it very rarely attracts any mice at all in the [[Forbidden Grove]], even when it is closed.
==History and Trivia==
* Realm Ripper mice were released on 21 September 2010 when the opening and closing of the gates to the Acolyte Realm became stabilized.
* On 25 January 2011 they began to drop Divine Orb as loot.
* During the [[Spring Egg Hunt 2011]], Realm Ripper mice began dropping a bonus [[Realm Ripper Egg]] as loot for hunters who had obtained the [[Rocket Rabbit Mallet]]. They dropped the same loot the following year during the [[Spring Egg Hunt 2012]] event for hunters who had obtained the [[Collectibles#Eggscavator|Eggscavator]].
* On 23 August 2011 they began to drop [[Warp Nail]]s as loot.
* Realm Ripper mice began dropping Ancient Relic as loot on 29 August 2012.
* [http://i52.tinypic.com/anof9d.jpg Original version]
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