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The world of MouseHunt contains many '''referenced locations'''. They are only briefly mentioned in the descriptions of certain [[location]]s, [[loot]] and [[mice]].
==Burroughs River==
The [[Burroughs]] River runs between Burroughs and [[Furoma]]. The river is highly polluted by the [[Laboratory]], causing [[Burroughs Salmon]] to grow unnaturally large. The fish found in the river are required to [[Crafting|craft]] [[Crafted_cheese#Susheese|Susheese]] [[cheese]]. The [[Training Grounds]] are on the northern shore of the river. [[Archer Mouse|Archer]] mice are known to fire their arrows across the river, using [[Zombie Mouse|Zombie]] mice from the [[Mousoleum]] as target practice.
==Furoma Pagoda==
The [[Furoma]] Pagoda consists of three individual locations. The first floor is the [[Dojo]], where the students ([[Student of the Cheese Belt Mouse|Student of the Cheese Belt]], [[Student of the Cheese Claw Mouse|Student of the Cheese Claw]] and [[Student of the Cheese Fang Mouse|Student of the Cheese Fang]] mice) commonly train. The second floor is the [[Meditation Room]], where the masters ([[Master of the Cheese Belt Mouse|Master of the Cheese Belt]], [[Master of the Cheese Claw Mouse|Master of the Cheese Claw]] and [[Master of the Cheese Fang Mouse|Master of the Cheese Fang]] mice) study and meditate. The third floor is the [[Pinnacle Chamber]], where [[Master of the Dojo Mouse|Master of the Dojo]] mice reside. [[Worker Mouse|Worker]] mice frequently scamper through the pagoda, repairing wooden pillars destroyed by other mice. A [[Torn Pages of Plankrun's Journal|page]] from [[Plankrun]]'s journal states the pagoda was originally invaded by the master mice.
==Gnawnia Mountains==
The [[Gnawnia]] Mountains are where the [[Mountain]] is found. The seaweed taken from the shores along the base of the mountains is used to make [[Nori]], a crafting ingredient for Susheese cheese. Before Christmas 2008, [[Elf Mouse|Elf]] mice dropped many [[Gifts]] around the mountains while frantically escaping [[hunter]]s.

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