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MouseHunt-related links

MouseHunt is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. The content on any external link is beyond our control, click at your own risk.

Discussion Areas

News and General Information

Walkthroughs and Guides

Fan Fiction Stories

Third Party Tools

Disclaimer: HitGrab, the developers of MouseHunt, does not support or endorse any of the following third-party tools. Use at your own risk.

  • MouseHunt Tools by tsitu – A collection of MH tools including Catch Rate Estimator, Map Solver and others.
  • MHCT – A collection of MH tools including Map Helper, Attraction Rate and others.
  • MouseHunt Timers – Timers for Seasonal Garden, Balack's Cove, Forbidden Grove, Relic Hunter and Toxic Spill, plus a large list of links of MouseHunt related items.
  • tehhowch's MH Toolbox – A large collection of tools, spreadsheet and technical info of MouseHunt.
  • Location Traps – A spreadsheet with locations and Traps, Bases and Charms with their Location-Specific Effects.
  • Timers and Links – A very large site with all timer based locations and MouseHunt related links.
  • Neb's MH Map Data – A spreadsheet covering data related to "mice selection groups" that determine which mice appear on Treasure Maps

Mousehunt Scripts

Please read here in regards to scripts. The above disclaimer applies as does the following: "all scripts are used at your own risk"