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Rewards are given by the King as a gift to active hunters. The Hunter must enter a gift code (also known as CAPTCHA) in order to receive the King's Reward and continue playing. This prevents players from being able to use automated software that will cause a player to blow the Hunter's Horn even though the user is not actually playing actively.

There are two forms of King's Rewards. The first type requires a Hunter to enter a 6-digit alphanumeric code to redeem the reward. The second type requires a Hunter to type in one of 3 numbers on the screen, which can be found within a square, circle and triangle. While the reward is active and the code has yet to be entered, the code will change each time an in-game link such as Travel, Friends, etc is accessed.

After entering the correct code, hunters receive gifts from the King in the form of either Cheese, Points, or Gold. The amount received is a random value taken from a range based on the Hunter's Rank, with increasingly valuable average rewards. As the range gradually increases, it is occasionally possible to find a lower ranked player receiving better rewards.

The reward occurs about 3 hours after the hunter logs into the game and has been actively hunting. Thereafter, they appear approximately every 3 hours after the last reward is claimed successfully. While a King's Reward is pending, a hunter cannot be taken on hunts by friends in his hunting group. However, hourly trap checks will continue. Once the hunter is inactive for a longer period of time, the reward timer is reset. The reset occurs regardless whether the King's Reward is currently pending or not. This keeps players from having to clear the code each time the log in.