Ronza's Satchel

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These satchels are prepared by Ronza as supply packages for MouseHunters. The contents of this satchel range wildly. For the most part they contain a few pieces of cheese to help you in your hunting endeavours. Occasionally, they contain something a little more special.

Ronza's Red Satchel of Surprise, Ronza's Blue Satchel of Surprise, and Ronza's Green Satchel of Surprise and are dropped by Rockstar mice. The color of the Satchel is determined by the difficulty of the location where Rockstar is caught (red, blue, or green, in increasing order of difficulty), and the higher difficulty areas also give more valuable rewards, generally speaking. The satchels are placed in the "Misc" tab in a hunter's inventory.


Contents of the satchels vary greatly, and the exact range of contents is still under investigation. They commonly contain gold, cheese, and crafting items. Rarer items include Bases. Additionally, any of the Satchels may (relatively rarely) contain the Ronzaburger with Cheese, a crafting item that currently has no known use.

Red Satchel

The Red Satchel is dropped in locations available to all hunters, such as the Town of Gnawnia, and is known to contain:

Blue Satchel

In locations at the Master-level such as the Town of Digby and the Great Gnarled Tree, Rockstar drops a Blue Satchel, which is known to contain:

Green Satchel

The Green Satchel can be had in Legendary-level areas such as the S.S. Huntington II, and it may contain: