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Ronza is a traveling merchant. The king allows her to sell exotic goods from her traveling shoppe, an airship. When she enters a region her location is an area available to hunters. Not much is known about her, though rumors are that she comes back on special occasions such as giveaways. Ronza has visted the Burroughs and Gnawnia. She has not yet visited Furoma, Whisker Woods, Rodentia, Tribal Isles, or Bristle Woods Regions.

Nobody knows when (or if) she's coming back, what she will be selling, or how long she will stay.

Ronza Event History

Ronza Event Mice

These are the mice that may be encountered during the annual Ronza event.

Moussile 3,000 900
Rockstar 1,000 3,400

Ronza Event Cheese

Ronza Event Charms

listed oldest to newest

Ronza Event Bases

listed oldest to newest - Limited Edition unless stated

Ronza Event Weapons

listed oldest to newest - Limited Edition unless stated

Ronza Event Skins

History and Trivia

In 2007 MouseHunt developer Jacob Johnson created a piece of artwork entitled The Captain, which was later adopted as the official Ronza image.

One of the books in Zurreal's Folly is titled Ronza.

It has been suggested that the carved initials on the Hapless Marionette refer to Ronza.

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