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The King has issued a series of Royal Challenges to hunters across all of Gnawnia!

For each completed challenge, you will receive a special Challenge Reward and a +1 Luck Bonus for your trap which will last for the entire duration of the event!

Every week, new challenges will be unlocked and you can complete them in any order. You will have 5 weeks in total to complete as many Royal Challenges as you can!


The Royal Challenge is an event that offers Hunters the opportunity to complete weekly challenges that reward bonus luck and other items.

Not all Royal Challenges are available to all Hunters, due to the rank requirements necessary for accessing some of the mice. However, there is no additional bonus or reward for completing all the available challenges.


On 30 August, the King began a 5 week event that allowed Hunters to complete weekly challenges in order to earn bonus Luck and other items.

It is not necessary to complete a challenge in the week it is first offered. Example: Week 1 challenges can completed during any of the 5 weeks of the Royal Challenge.

Bonus Luck earned by completing a Royal Challenge will remain in effect for the duration of the event.

Completing a challenge creates an entry in the Hunter's Journal:

I finished a Royal Challenge: [Challenge Name]
I can claim my reward for this challenge and earn my +1 Luck Bonus!

Claiming a challenge reward creates an entry in the Hunter's Journal:

I claimed my reward for completing a Royal Challenge: [Challenge Name]
I received [List of Rewards]
Each completed challenge will grant my trap a +1 Luck Bonus while the event is active!

A banner above the Hunter's Journal tracks the current week and day of the challenge, the Bonus Luck earned by the Hunter, and the 4 challenges available during the current week. Rewards for completed challenges can be claimed through this banner.
Selecting View More will open a pop-up that shows all 4 weeks of the Royal Challenge event. Hunters may claim rewards for completed challenges from this view, as well.

Week 1 Challenges

These challenges were made available 30 August.

Found in: Meadow, Town of Gnawnia, Harbour, Mountain, Town of Digby, Laboratory and Bazaar
Reward: 2 SUPER|brie+, 3 King's Credits, 10 Flawed Orbs, 5,000 Gold and 3,000 Points
Found in: Lagoon and S.S. Huntington III
Reward: 3 SUPER|brie+, 5 King's Credits, 25 Scrap Metal, 25,000 Gold and 20,000 Points
Found in: Balack's Cove
Reward: 5 SUPER|brie+, 12 King's Credits, 50 Vengeful Vanilla Stilton Cheese, 45,000 Gold and 70,000 Points
Found in: Twisted Garden
Rewards: 10 SUPER|brie+, 20 King's Credits, 100 Cynd Essence, 50,000 Gold and 90,000 Points