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Zugzwang's seasonal garden is the perfect destination for those who can't make up their mind about the weather. Every few days, the seasons shift, bringing with them a new crop of mice with different powers. Keep an eye out for the shards of an old key- they might provide the way into that mysterious locked tower.

Description and Requirements

Seasonal Garden is a location in the Rodentia region requiring a minimum rank of Lord or Lady and the Zugzwang's Scarf to enter.

The Seasonal Garden changes seasons every 80 hours. The current season is reflected on the travel map, allowing it to be monitored from outside the area. The Umbrella collectible is also affected by the current season.

Traveling out of the Seasonal Garden will not affect the Tower Amplifier's percentage.


These are the shops that can be found in the Seasonal Garden:

Seasonal Garden Mice

Most mice in the Seasonal Garden are in the Seasonal Soldiers group. They have a weakness to Tactical weapons, as well as another power type depending on their season. The average points and gold rewards for the mice increase from the lowest in spring to the highest in winter. On days when the Relic Hunter can be found in the garden, catching one will increase the Tower Amplifier by 1%. However, M400, Glitchpaw, Lucky and Prize mice do not affect the amplifier.


Primary Weakness: Hydro

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot Increase in
Tower Amplifier
Bruticle 16,560 5,040 Seasonal Soldiers 4%
Frostbite 11,400 5,040 Seasonal Soldiers 4%
Icicle 11,980 3,840 Seasonal Soldiers 3%
Over-Prepared 4,000 500 Seasonal Soldiers 1%
Penguin 4,500 550 Seasonal Soldiers 1%
Winter Mage 18,065 9,400 Seasonal Soldiers Ancient Relic
Winter Key Shard

The hunter has several Trap Setup Options for Seasonal Garden Winter.


Primary Weakness: Physical

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot Increase in
Tower Amplifier
Derpicorn 2,500 750 Seasonal Soldiers 1%
Hydrophobe 2,000 500 Seasonal Soldiers 1%
Puddlemancer 10,480 3,360 Seasonal Soldiers 3%
Spring Familiar 9,072 760 Seasonal Soldiers Ancient Relic 6%
Tanglefoot 7,875 3,280 Seasonal Soldiers 2%
Vinetail 13,172 6,580 Seasonal Soldiers Spring Key Shard 5%

The hunter has several Trap Setup Options for Seasonal Garden Spring.


Primary Weakness: Tactical

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot Increase in
Tower Amplifier
Firebreather 15,180 4,620 Seasonal Soldiers 4%
Firefly 6,600 2,125 Seasonal Soldiers 2%
Hot Head 2,250 550 Seasonal Soldiers 1%
Monarch 2,500 600 Seasonal Soldiers 1%
Stinger 13,800 4,620 Seasonal Soldiers 4%
Summer Mage 16,560 7,520 Seasonal Soldiers Ancient Relic
Summer Key Shard

The hunter has several Trap Setup Options for Seasonal Garden Summer.


Primary Weakness: Shadow

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot Increase in
Tower Amplifier
Fall Familiar 9,940 830 Seasonal Soldiers Ancient Relic
Harvest Harrier 11,477 3,680 Seasonal Soldiers 3%
Harvester 17,425 8,460 Seasonal Soldiers Fall Key Shard 5%
Pumpkin Head 4,500 960 Seasonal Soldiers 1%
Scarecrow 5,000 1,200 Seasonal Soldiers 1%
Whirleygig 4,000 875 Seasonal Soldiers 1%

The hunter has several Trap Setup Options for Seasonal Garden Fall.

Hunting Strategy

Cheese Usage

Standard cheese works in this area, but each time bait fails to attract a mouse, the Tower Amplifier is reduced by 3%, so many hunters prefer to use SUPER|brie+ due to the low attraction rate of Brie or Gouda. Hunters looking for Spring Familiar or Fall Familiar should equip SUPER|brie+ to increase the chance of encountering these two mice.

Use of Amplifier Charms, or the Limited Edition Chesla's Revenge weapon, increase the rate at which the tower amplifier is increased.

Adventure Book

Hunters can complete steps to Capture the Mystic and Technic Kings by crafting Zugzwang's Tower Key.

Hunting Tips by Larry

Welcome to the Seasonal Garden, MouseHunter!

I hope you brought a change of clothes with you, because the seasons around here shift every few days, bringing new weather, and new mice to trap.

If you're looking for a good general strategy, a tactical trap will perform well in any season. Most seasons also have another, secret weakness for Hunters to discover on their own, so experiment with different trap setups, and see what works. Be sure to keep an eye out for shards of the key to Zugzwang's Tower, as well- there's one shard hidden in every season.

As you catch mice in the garden, your Tower Amplifier will increase. Failing to attract mice in the garden will cause your Tower Amplifier to decrease.

When your amplifier is charged, it gives a power bonus to your trap when hunting in Zugzwang's Tower. When hunting in the tower your Tower Amplifier's charge will decrease until it runs out or you leave the tower. Make sure to get a full charge before going in, because if you leave the tower, your amplifier will reset to zero.

The Season and the types of mice you can catch in the garden change every few days, so be sure to check back often!

Your Tower Amplifier boosts your trap's power inside Zugzwang's Tower. Catching a mouse in the Garden raises the Amplifier's charge, while failing to attract lowers it.

Location-Specific Effects


  • The Amplifier Charm doubles the amount the amplifier is charged when catching a mouse.


  • The Chesla's Revenge is a limited edition trap that provides an occasional boost in amplifier power. This boost also stacks with the effect of an Amplifier Charm.
  • The Soul Harvester is a limited edition trap that provides a +10 luck bonus during Fall in the Seasonal Garden.
  • The Terrifying Spider Trap is a limited edition trap that provides a +10 luck bonus during Fall in the Seasonal Garden.


  • The Seasonal Base is a limited edition base that provides an 18% power bonus when used in the Seasonal Garden.


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