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:[[S.S. Huntington II]]
:[[S.S. Huntington II]]
:* [[Trapsmith#S.S. Huntington II Trapsmith|Trapsmith]]
:* [[Trapsmith#S.S. Huntington II Trapsmith|Trapsmith]]
:[[Seasonal Gardens]]
:* [[Trapsmith#Seasonal Garden Trapsmith|Trapsmith]]
:* [[Cheese Shoppe#Seasonal Garden Cheese Shoppe|Cheese Shoppe]]
:* [[General Store#Seasonal Garden General Store|General Store]]
=== [[Tribal Isles]] ===
=== [[Tribal Isles]] ===

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There are four different types of shops available in MouseHunt. Some shops are only available in one location, while some are in multiple locations.

Types of Shops

This unique individual repairs old and damaged map pieces to their former glory, unlocking new locations.
This store offers various types of cheese for hunters. Cheese is necessary for arming a trap.
This store sells goods that can be used to craft different types of cheese and hunting equipment.
This store sells weapons and bases that are the heart of any hunter's arsenal. These can be combined in any possible form to give hunters a unique trap for catching mice. Every weapon and base differs in its price, power, attraction, power bonus and luck ratings.

Shop Locations


Town of Gnawnia


King's Gauntlet

Whisker Woods

Great Gnarled Tree


Town of Digby


Training Grounds

Bristle Woods



S.S. Huntington II
Seasonal Gardens

Tribal Isles

Cape Clawed

Ronza's Traveling Shoppe

This shop moves from place to place, offering various items for sale each time it settles.

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