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The hunter has a difficult decision about which trap to use when facing The Shadow Clan. These mice are often found in the Mousoleum where the hunter has several options.

The Sinister Portal is more powerful but has less attraction and a negative cheese effect. The Ambrosial Portal has less power but higher attraction and a lower chance of spoiling your cheese.


Shown in the table below are the statistics when combined with the respective Bases. Click on the sorting box beside a particular attribute to do a quick comparison.

Weapon Base Power Attraction Bonus Cheese Effect
Ambrosial Portal Dehydration Base 1,250 10% 5Ultimately Fresh
Ambrosial Portal Explosive Base 1,391 10% 0No Effect
Ambrosial Portal Stone Base 1,293 5% 2Very Fresh
Ambrosial Portal Wooden Base 1,060 5% 3Extremely Fresh
Ambrosial Portal Wooden Base with Target 1,100 25% 1Fresh
Sinister Portal Dehydration Base 1,313 5% 3Extremely Fresh
Sinister Portal Explosive Base 1,458 5% -8Very Stale
Sinister Portal Stone Base 1,351 0% 0No Effect
Sinister Portal Wooden Base 1,113 0% 1Fresh
Sinister Portal Wooden Base with Target 1,155 20% -9Stale

Closer Examination

Hunters will gain between 53-67 power by using the Sinister Portal depending on the base. Is that worth the 5% drop in attraction along with the 2-level drop in cheese freshness?

Well, what is the hunter looking for? The Sinister Portal will catch the mouse a little bit more often, while the Ambrosial Portal will give a greater chance of attracting mice, along with making sure cheese doesn't go stale. The Ambrosial Portal will give the hunter more chances to catch mice, but the Sinister Portal will give the best chance to catch the mouse once it is attracted. The hunter's choice of which trap to use may be impacted by whether they are going after the less common mice, such as the Black Widow, Monster or Vampire.

Use in the Mousoleum

Portals are typically used in the Mousoleum, where encounters are frequent, but captures are unfortunately not. That little boost in power could make a difference. Radioactive Blue cheese provides a high level of attraction in the Mousoleum which is an argument for the Sinister Portal since the hunter doesn't need the attraction bonus of the Ambrosial Portal if they have a cheese with a high attraction rate.

Stale Cheese

Radioactive Blue cheese is a crafted cheese that is expensive to make which is an argument for the Ambrosial Portal since the hunter will lose less cheese to the Stale Cheese effect. On the other hand, when Radioactive Blue goes stale it turns into Radioactive Sludge which is a crafting ingredient used to make the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap, the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap, and Limelight cheese. If you are trying to make these traps or craft this cheese, you may prefer the Sinister Portal as you will get more sludge.