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| align="left"| [[Rainy Cheese]]
| align="left"| [[Rainy Cheese]]
| 2
| 2
| align="left"| [[Rift-torn Roots]]
| 1
| align="left"| [[Rift Antiskele Charm]]
| align="left"| [[Rift Antiskele Charm]]
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| align="left"| [[Rift Cherries]]
| align="left"| [[Rift Cherries]]
| 2
| 2
| align="left"| [[Rift-torn Roots]]
| 1
| align="left"| [[Sap-filled Thorns]]
| align="left"| [[Sap-filled Thorns]]

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The Spooky Shuffle is a mini-game present in the Heads-up Display of the Halloween event location. It is a memory-style matching game, with 18 cards containing 9 pairs of Halloween items. The cards are randomly shuffled to a different location for each hunter, although once the shuffle occurs for all cards face-down, individual cards do not move location until a hunter completes the game. On the bottom of the game are the rules:

Match cards to win prizes! You lose a ticket for every wrong guess, so choose wisely!

Failing to make a match will use one Spooky Shuffle Ticket.

On the top right is a count of the user's current inventory of Spooky Shuffle Tickets. On the top left is a message giving current status; depending on what has been clicked, it will be one of:

Match cards to win prizes!
Try and match that card with its twin!
Sorry, no match there!
A match! I received XXX as a reward!

Each match made also leaves a message in the Hunter's Journal:

I made a match in the Spooky Shuffle and received XXX as a prize!

Making all 9 matches awards a hunter with an additional bonus of 10 SUPER|brie+ with the following popup message:

Nice work!
Wow, you've found all the spooky matches!
You've earned some bonus SUPER|brie+! for clearing the board!

It then resets the board to a fresh shuffle, and leaves this message in the Hunter's Journal:

I completed a Spooky Shuffle board and earned 10 SUPER|brie+!

2017 Rewards

Out of the 9 rewards per board in Spooky Shuffle 2017, 4 are standard rewards which appear in every board for Hunters of all ranks, while the remaining 5 rewards are variable, randomly picked from a range of rewards tied to the Hunter's Title.

Standard Rewards

These 4 rewards appear in every Spooky Shuffle board, regardless of the Hunter's rank.

Gold King's Credit SUPER|brie+ Candy Charm
Spooky Shuffle 2017
5,000 1 5 3

Variable Rewards

The remaining 5 rewards in each Spooky Shuffle board are randomly picked from a range of rewards that are tied to the Hunter's Title.


Crate of Delicious Stones 1
Crate of Savoury Vegetables 1
Crate of Seashells 1
Dreaded Charm 3
Drill Charge 1
Gauntlet Potion Tier 3 1
Ghastly Galleon Gouda 2
Gouda Cheese 5
Greater Radioactive Blue Potion 1
Inferno Havarti 3
Limelight Cheese 3
Master's Seal 1
Radioactive Blue Cheese 3
Rumble Cheese 1
Vengeful Vanilla Stilton 3


Artisan Charm 5
Dewthief Petal 3
Dreamfluff Herbs 3
Duskshade Petal 3
Empowered Anchor Charm 3
Graveblossom Petal 3
Lunaria Petal 3
Plumepearl Herbs 3
Resonator Cheese 2
Riftiago Cheese 2
Super Warpath Commander's Charm 1
Water Jet Charm 1


Ancient String Cheese 2
Arcanevine 1
Cavern Fungus 3
Crescent Cheese 2
Dragon Scale 1
Enerchi Charm 2
Fire Bowl Fuel 2
Glowing Gourd Charm 3
Glowing Gruyere Cheese 3
Lantern Oil 2
Maki String Cheese 2
Magical String Cheese 2
Mineral 5
Mist Canister 5
Nightshade 1
Polluted Parmesan Potion 3
Portal Scrambler 1
Quantum Quartz 2
Rainy Cheese 2
Rift Antiskele Charm 1
Rift Cherries 2
Rift-torn Roots 1
Sap-filled Thorns 2
Shuffler's Cube 1
Shadowvine 1
Terre Ricotta Potion 3
Tower Mana 2
Windy Cheese 2

2016 Rewards

During the Halloween 2016 event the rewards available were tied to the Hunter's rank and included items useful in similarly ranked locations.

All Hunters could find gold, King's Credits, SUPER|brie+, Flashlight Batteries, and Candy Charms.

2014/2015 Rewards

The following pairs of items are available for matching:

Spooky Shuffle Ticket

This admission ticket allows a hunter to make a card pair selection in the Spooky Shuffle. Flip two cards and see if they match!

Hunters can gain 2 Spooky Shuffle Tickets per day in the Daily Loyalty Chest and from opening a Magical Pillowcase.

It was also possible to obtain tickets via Facebook or by Donating.