Spooky Surprise

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The various sweets and goodies in this box are the stolen haul of the mischievous mice that were running a muck and playing pranks on hunters at the Haunted Terrortories. For your help in capturing the rascals the King has allowed you to keep the pinched loot!
To open this box, visit the special section of your inventory.

Spooky Surprise is the reward for finding all 10 mischievous pranksters hidden in the Haunted Terrortories by your Hunting Team.


  • 1 of the following
    • 20 Candy Corn Cheese
    • 20 Ghoulgonzola Cheese
    • 10 Candy Corn Cheese and 10 Ghoulgonzola Cheese
  • 14-20 Spooky Charms
  • 8-12 Halloween Candies
  • 1 King's Credit

History and Trivia

Spooky Surprise was first released on 28 October 2011 during the Halloween at the Haunted Terrortories event.

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