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Stale Cheese is the by-product of baited cheese going stale from a trap's cheese effect. Depending on the type of baited cheese, one of 3 types of stale cheese will be created. Only hunters with the title of Apprentice and above will be able to collect stale cheese.

Stale Cheese

Dried up morsels of cheese are often the result of traps made with harmful chemicals.

Standard Stale Cheese is created when most types of cheese becomes stale. For a short period of time it was dropped by Scavenger mice in the Catacombs.

Usage: It is used in the crafting of Ancient and Runic cheese.

Stale SUPER|brie+

The sight of this item often draws a tear or two from even the most steadfast MouseHunter. The magic of this item seems to be empowered by its almost paradoxical existence.

Stale SUPER|brie+ is created when SUPER|brie+, Maki, or Moon cheese goes stale.

Usage: There is currently no known use for Stale SUPER|brie+.

Radioactive Sludge

This toxic waste is the result of radioactive blue cheese turning stale.

Radioactive Sludge is created when Radioactive Blue cheese goes stale.

Usage: There is currently no known use for Radioactive Sludge.

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  • Cheese – Required to create stale cheese.
  • Cheese Effect – Information on how cheese goes stale.

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