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Stale Cheese is the by-product of baited cheese going stale from a trap's cheese effect. Depending on the type of baited cheese, one of 3 types of stale cheese will be created. Only hunters with the title of Apprentice and above will be able to collect stale cheese.

Stale cheese is automatically added to your crafting inventory, however this process has been known to be non-instant.

Stale Cheese

Dried up morsels of cheese are often the result of traps made with harmful chemicals.

Standard Stale Cheese is created when most types of cheese becomes stale. They are listed as follows:

Stale cheese is also dropped by Scavenger mice in the Catacombs.

Usage: It is used in the crafting of Ancient and Runic cheese.

Stale SUPER|brie+

The sight of this item often draws a tear or two from even the most steadfast MouseHunter. The magic of this item seems to be empowered by its almost paradoxical existence.

Stale SUPER|brie+ is created when cheese that have Magic Essence as one of the ingredients turns stale, with the exception of Ancient, Crunchy, Gumbo, and Shell cheese. They are listed as follows:

Stale SUPER|brie+ is also dropped by the Aged Mouse in Cape Clawed.

Usage: 24 pieces of Stale SUPER|brie+ are used in crafting the RhinoBot.

Strategy: The easiest way to collect Stale SUPER|brie+ is to head to either the Forbidden Grove or the Acolyte Realm and use SUPER|brie+ with a trap setup that has an Extremely Stale cheese effect or worse. Stale SUPER|brie+ can also be created without using SUPER|brie+ by crafting Runic without using Magic Essence, traveling outside Bristle Woods, and using a trap with an Extremely Stale or worse cheese effect.

Radioactive Sludge

This toxic waste is the result of radioactive blue cheese turning stale.

Radioactive Sludge is created when Radioactive Blue cheese goes stale.

Usage: 20 pieces of Radioactive Sludge are used in crafting the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap or Horrific Venus Mouse Trap.

Strategy: To effectively get Radioactive Sludge, use any trap setup with an "Extremely Stale" Cheese Effect or worse and hunt in an area where the mice are not attracted to Radioactive Blue Cheese, such as in the Pinnacle Chamber. Another method for less experienced hunters is to use a trap such as the Mouse Rocketine, in combination with the Explosive Base in an area such as the Great Gnarled Tree.

Gathering Stale Cheese

Since stale cheese is used in Ancient and Runic cheese, hunters may find themselves needing more. In order for cheese to become stale, two conditions must be met:

  • The cheese must not attract a mouse (simply not catching a mouse is not enough—cheese stolen by a mouse, with or without a red box, cannot go stale).
  • The trap's cheese effect must not prevent the cheese from going stale.

This suggests that to get stale cheese, one must use a trap with a stale cheese effect baited with a cheese that does not attract very many mice.

Weapons with a stale effect include:

There is are two bases to date with a stale effect and insanely stale effect: the Explosive Base and the Magma Base. Statistically speaking, stale cheese farming is nearly as effective with a Wooden Base with Target or Birthday Cake Base as with the Explosive Base. However, hunters should recognize that these two bases have a less stale cheese effect than the Explosive Base and the Magma Base, and in addition the Wooden Base with Target has a higher attraction rate, therefore reducing the opportunities for stale cheese. In some areas, there is a reason to use these alternate bases because of the possibility of catching rare mice or collecting rare loot or potions (Meadow, Town of Digby, Bazaar, Laboratory).

Cheddar and White Cheddar are the cheese with the lowest attraction. In most areas, however, these cheeses will still attract some mice. The Mousoleum, Catacombs, Forbidden Grove, Acolyte Realm, Jungle of Dread or Dracano are areas where few or no mice are drawn to standard cheeses. In these locations, traps collect the most stale cheese in the least amount of time.

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