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In this tutorial, you will be guided by a knight named [[Larry]]. He will provide you with everything you need to build your very first [[Weapon|weapon]] and will also train you on how to use the [[Hunter's Horn]].
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== Welcome aboard! ==
<blockquote>Speaking of board... Here is your complimentary plank of wood.<br/>
''This is the base of your trap. It is critical to your job. You'll be able to upgrade this later.''</blockquote>
Larry will present you with a [[Wooden Base]], the first component of your new weapon. As you catch more [[Mice|mice]] and increase in [[Hunter's Title|rank]], you'll find that more and more [[Base|bases]] will become available to you.
== Now that... ==
<blockquote>...you have your plank of wood, you need to choose a weapon. Both a base and weapon are combined to form a trap.<br/>
''I'm also giving you '''25 pieces''' of cheddar so you can start attracting mice right away.''</blockquote>
In addition to receiving 25 pieces of [[Cheddar]] cheese, you'll also be given a choice between two traps, the [[High Tension Spring]] and the [[Tacky Glue Trap]]. The pros and cons of each trap will be outlined below.
{| align="center" cellpadding="5" width="500" style="border:2px solid #226622; border-top:25px solid #226622; border-spacing:0; margin-bottom:10px; margin-top:10px; padding:5px;"
! colspan="2" width="40%" style="font-size:150%;" align="center" | High Tension Spring
! width="10%" |
! colspan="2" width="40%" style="font-size:150%;" align="center" | Tacky Glue Trap
| align="right" style="" | 900 [[gold]]
| colspan="3" align="center" width="24%" | '''Cost'''
| style="" | 850 [[gold]]
| align="right" style="" | 0
| colspan="3" align="center" | '''[[Points|Points Required]]'''
| style="" | 0
| align="right" style="border:2px solid #77dd77; border-bottom:0px;" | 75
| rowspan="2" colspan="3" align="center" | '''[[Power]]'''
| style="border:2px solid #ff7777; border-bottom:0px;" | 70
| align="right" style="font-size:90%; background:#77dd77; padding:0 7px 0 0;" | Higher chance of capturing mice
| style="font-size:90%; background:#ff7777; padding:0 0 0 7px;" | Lower chance of capturing mice
| align="right" style="" | Physical
| colspan="3" align="center" | '''[[Power Type]]'''
| style="" | Physical
| align="right" style="" | 5
| colspan="3" align="center" | '''[[Power Bonus]]'''
| style="" | 0
| align="right" style="border:2px solid #ff7777; border-bottom:0px;" | 20
| rowspan="2" colspan="3" align="center" | '''[[Attraction Bonus]]'''
| style="border:2px solid #77dd77; border-bottom:0px;" | 40
| align="right" style="font-size:90%; background:#ff7777; padding:0 7px 0 0;" | Lower chance of attracting mice
| style="font-size:90%; background:#77dd77; padding:0 0 0 7px;" | Higher chance of attracting mice
| align="right" style="" | 2
| colspan="3" align="center" | '''[[Luck]]'''
| style="" | 2
| align="right" style="border:2px solid #77dd77; border-bottom:0px;" | No Effect
| rowspan="2" colspan="3" align="center" | '''[[Cheese Effect]]'''
| style="border:2px solid #ff7777; border-bottom:0px;" | Stale
| align="right" style="font-size:90%; background:#77dd77; padding:0 7px 0 0px;" | Cheese goes stale less often
| style="font-size:90%; background:#ff7777; padding:0 0 0 7px;" | Cheese goes stale more often
| colspan="5" | <hr\>
| align="right" style="" nowrap | [http://img236.imageshack.us/img236/2531/hightensionspringjh3.png External Link]
| colspan="3" align="center" | '''Image'''
| style="" nowrap | [http://img244.imageshack.us/img244/5707/tackygluetrapwg1.png External Link]
| colspan="5" | <hr\>
| colspan="2" align="center" | ''Razor sharp barbs adorn a crushing bar held with over 1000 lbs. of tension.''
| colspan="2" align="center" | ''If you believe the simplest answer is the best, then white glue and some cheese is the way to go!''
Simply put, if you want to catch mice more often, then choose the High Tension Spring. If you want to attract more mice, then choose the Tacky Glue Trap. It all comes down to your personal preference. You'll have more opportunities to experiment with different set-ups later.
== Congratulations! ==
<blockquote>You now have your base, your trap and some cheese to get you started in the hunt.<br/>
''Now you're ready for your in-game "horn training". Good luck!''</blockquote>
After you decide on which trap to choose, you'll finally have all the components required to build your very first weapon. You'll be joining the ranks of all other MouseHunters on a quest for the [[King]] of [[Gnawnia]]. Before you proceed though, you must first finish Larry's training on how to use the Hunter's Horn.
<blockquote>'''An excerpt from your Hunter's Journal:'''<br/>
''Today I joined the ongoing battle against the army of mice invading the Kingdom of Gnawnia. The local [[Trapsmith]] sells all sorts of creative traps which I can bait with various cheese flavours from the [[Cheese Shoppe]]. I earn a modest wage of 25 gold per hour, so long as I check my trap at least once a day.''<br/><br/>
''In addition to my wage, this Kingdom pays handsome rewards for the mice I catch. The larger, more powerful mice grant greater rewards than the smaller, weaker breeds. I will need my senses to be sharp, for I have heard tales of all sorts of villainous mice plaguing the Kingdom. Horrible abominations like [[Pirate Mouse|pirates]], [[Ninja Mouse|ninjas]], [[Zombie Mouse|zombies]] and poisonous [[Black Widow Mouse|black widows]] lurk in all corners.''<br/><br/>
''My most valued piece of equipment is likely my Hunter’s Horn. Sounding this magical horn starts a hunt for mice, bringing along any of the hunters I've befriended who are ready to hunt in my location. The rules of the horn are simple; I am only allowed to sound my horn if I have not been on a hunt in the last 15 minutes.''<br/><br/>
''With patience, I know I shall stop this invading threat and defend the Kingdom!''<br/><br/>
''Now begins the battle...''</blockquote>
== Horn Training ==
<blockquote>Welcome to your Hunter’s Horn training!<br/>You will be able to sound the horn 3 times in a row as part of your training.</blockquote>
You will see that the Hunter's Horn is currently available at the upper-middle portion of the interface. Normally, you're only allowed to sound the horn every 15 minutes. As part of your training though, Larry will allow you to use it 3 times in a row just this once. You'll also see that every time you sound the horn, your Hunter's Journal will be updated with the events that transpired. After you finish your training, you can finally begin your journey starting from the [[Town of Gnawnia]].
== See also ==
* [http://apps.facebook.com/mousehunt/howtoplay.php How to Play] – Questions often asked by new hunters
* [[List of forum abbreviations and acronyms]] – Some common terms used in the forums
* [[Location Quick Reference]] – Recommended cheese, traps and things to do at various locations

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