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In this tutorial, you will be guided by a knight named Larry. He will provide you with everything you need to build your very first weapon and will also train you on how to use the Hunter's Horn.

Welcome to MouseHunt!

MouseHunt is a simple game where you setup a trap to attract and catch a wide variety of mice.
The name's Larry. My job is to roam the land to seek out and train those who seem worthy to become a fabled MouseHunter.

Larry will introduce himself to you. You'll be learning the very basics of being a MouseHunter through him.

Welcome aboard!

Speaking of board... Here is your complimentary plank of wood.
This is the base of your trap. It is critical to your job. You'll be able to upgrade this later.

Larry will present you with a Wooden Base, the first component of your new trap. As you catch more mice and increase in rank, you'll find that more and more bases will become available to you.

Now that... have your plank of wood, you need to choose a weapon. Both a base and weapon are combined to form a trap.
I'm also giving you 25 pieces of marble cheese so you can start attracting mice right away.

In addition to receiving 25 pieces of marble cheese, you'll also be given a choice between two traps, the High Tension Spring and the Tacky Glue Trap. The pros and cons of each trap are outlined below.

High Tension Spring Tacky Glue Trap
900 gold Cost 850 gold
0 Points Required 0
75 Power 70
Higher chance of capturing mice Lower chance of capturing mice
Physical Power Type Physical
5 Power Bonus 0
20 Attraction Bonus 40
Lower chance of attracting mice Higher chance of attracting mice
2 Luck 2
No Effect Cheese Effect Stale
Cheese goes stale less often Cheese goes stale more often
External Link Image External Link
Razor sharp barbs adorn a crushing bar held with over 1000 lbs. of tension. If you believe the simplest answer is the best, then white glue and some cheese is the way to go!

Simply put, if you want to catch mice more often, then choose the High Tension Spring. If you want to attract more mice, then choose the Tacky Glue Trap. It all comes down to your personal preference. You'll have more opportunities to experiment with different set-ups later.


You now have your base, your trap and some cheese to get you started in the hunt.
Now you're ready for your in-game "horn training". Good luck!

After you decide on which trap to choose, you'll finally have all the components required to build your very first weapon. You'll be joining the ranks of all other MouseHunters on a quest for the King of Gnawnia. Before you proceed though, you must first finish Larry's training on how to use the Hunter's Horn.

Horn Training

I have been hired by the King of Gnawnia to catch mice.
These mice are like none I've seen before! I've been warned about mice made of diamond, savvy pirate mice and even dangerous zombie mice!

You will see that the Hunter's Horn is currently available at the upper-middle portion of the interface. Normally, you're only allowed to sound the horn every 15 minutes. As part of your training though, Larry will allow you to use it five times in a row just this once, and will guide you through five different situations (successful catch of a weak mouse, failure to catch a stronger mouse, successful catch of the same stronger mouse, failure to attract any mouse, and a successful catch of an even stronger and more valuable mouse). Every time you sound the horn, your Hunter's Journal will be updated with the events that transpired.

First Horn Call

I sounded my Hunters Horn for the first time!
The Dwarf Mouse that stole Larry's sandwich took a piece of cheese from my trap and got away!

On the first horn call, the fact that you missed a mouse is logged in the Hunter's Journal.

Second Horn Call

I caught a mouse, but it's not the Dwarf I'm looking for.
I earned 100 gold and 70 points for catching this mouse!

On the second horn call, you catch a weak mouse, such as White, Brown, Grey, or Cowardly. The message in the journal is tailored in accordance with the mouse you caught.

Third Horn Call

The Dwarf didn't come by my trap, but I still caught another mouse!
I earned 175 gold and 175 points for catching this mouse!

On the third horn call, you succeed in catching a Spotted mouse.

Fourth Horn Call

Oh dear, it seems that my cheese did not attract a mouse this time. What a pity.
The Cheese Shoppe has bait for sale that is better at attracting mice than plain old marble.
There is also the legendary SUPER|brie+, which attracts a mouse almost every time!
I can now sound my horn one more time.

On the fourth horn call your cheese fails to attract any mouse to your trap. This hunt shows up in your log, but is not recorded in your Hunter's Journal.

Fifth Horn Call

I caught the Dwarf Mouse that stole Larry's sandwich!
Larry couldn't be more pleased! I earned 450 gold and 225 points.

On the fifth horn call you catch a Dwarf Mouse, and obtain the Collectible item Larry's Sandwich.

After you finish your training, you have a different amount of gold (2,250, 2,275, or 2,200) depending on the mouse you caught on your second hunt. You can at this time upgrade a base for your trap. Larry guides you through the first purchase, Wooden Base with Target.

Larry gives you 5 Insta Horns that can be used in between hunts as you wait.

Larry points out the progress bar, and wishes you luck in reaching the next Hunter's Title Recruit, which unlocks another location.

Larry also points out the Horn timer displaying time (in minutes and seconds) till the next hunt. This timer will show only minutes when you level up to Recruit.

Larry points out the friends tab, and explains that friends hunting in the same location can sound your horn. He advises you to invite friends.

You can finally begin your journey starting from the Meadow.

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