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* [[Archer Mouse]]
* [[Archer Mouse]]
* [[Assassin Mouse]]
* [[Assassin Mouse]]
* [[Beast Tamer Mouse]]
* [[Briegull Mouse]]
* [[Briegull Mouse]]
* [[Buccaneer Mouse]]
* [[Buccaneer Mouse]]

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Built upon research of battle strategy, these traps are especially strong against mice trained in the art of war.

The Tactical power type of weapons can effectively catch the majority of Furoma Mice. Tactical weapons are generally useless against most Mousoleum and Bristle Woods breeds.

Types of Tactical weapons

There are 2 tactical weapon currently available for purchase, the Zugzwang's Last Move at the Training Grounds and the lower powered Venus Mouse Trap at the Great Gnarled Tree.

The Ambush weapon, currently the most powerful of the Tactical weapons, is only available through crafting materials collected in Furoma and from the General Store.

The Snow Barrage, the luckiest of the Tactical weapons, is a limited-edition weapon that was only offered at Ronza's Traveling Shoppe during mid-December 2008.

There is also the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap which is the second most powerful tactical weapon and the only tactical weapon with a stale effect. It is available through the crafting of Radioactive Sludge and a Venus Mouse Trap Husk.


Tactical weapons are very effective against fighting mice, namely:

They can also catch Physical mice without any bonus or penalty. However, they are ineffective against Shadow or Hydro mice. They are also presumed to be ineffective against Forgotten mice.

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