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Attraction Bonus Calculation

From MouseHunt v1.0, I've known the attraction bonus to be a modifier onto the cheese attraction rate. For example, using Swiss cheese with 80% attraction rate with a 10% trap attraction bonus will result in 80% x 110% = 88% attraction rate. However I've noticed that there's a certain ceiling on the maximum attraction rate possible, which I think is pegged at 95% for anything but SB+. The information was gathered by using Brie with 90% attraction rate and 20% trap attraction bonus, which would be 90% x 120% = 108%! Again this was my information way back in MH v1.0, but from my current hunts it still seems to apply.

The bonus itself is easy enough to prove by using a trap setup with 0% and 10% bonus in the same location. Unfortunately I do not have enough hunt logs to prove the information, so I'm leaving it off the page proper. If anyone can gather enough data from other players, please do update the page. The difficult part to prove is the ceiling, although I suspect players who constantly rely on the target base would be able to provide good information on the ceiling %. -- Grexx 17:49, 25 February 2009 (UTC)