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Hunting Strategy

The Cape Clawed location needs a hunting strategy page. The challenge is that there is no one correct strategy for this location. It is similar to the Lagoon in that there are multiple different types of mice and no one combination of Trap / Base / Cheese will work best for all the mice in this location. There are three different paths that the hunter can go down - so this information on the points requirements on building the Tactical Trap (Thorned Venus Mouse Trap and Horrific Venus Mouse Trap), the Hydro Trap (Ancient Spear Gun), and the Physical trap (RhinoBot) is good information to highlight in this section.

Perhaps something along the lines of

Hunters have several Trap Setup Options for Cape Clawed. In this location, there are mice of three different power types (Hydro, Physical, and Tactical). The hunter needs to pick the trap with the power type of the most desired mice. Alternatively, the hunter may consider using the luckiest available trap. The standard cheeses (Swiss, Brie, Gouda) all work fine in this location for most mice. However, Crunchy is necessary to attract Aged. Shell is necessary to attract Elder. Gumbo is necessary to attract Grandfather

Based on the points needed to build the strongest traps for each type, the following sequence is typical, first you build the strongest tactical trap (the Horrific Venus Mouse trap) which requires only 8,000,000 points. Once your points reach 12,000,000 and you have enough gold you can craft the strongest Hydro trap (the Ancient Spear Gun). When your points reach 14,000,000, you may purchase the Tribal base at Cape Clawed which has high power bonus to increase your trap power. And then after your points exceed 16,000,000 you can craft the strongest physical trap (the Rhinobot).

The current writeup just "completed" by Indraprasetyo is a mess in terms of flow, grammar, and neutrality. It also doesn't fully explain all the choices available to players. Someone needs to do a REAL hunting strategy section for this article. Current version contains informal language, making the article look unpolished and unprofessional. Whomever takes it up can consider using further subsections to split up the strategy, or to point to writeups at the other locations. It would also be a good idea to move "Hunting tips by Larry" to the top of the section and start by explaining the things pointed out by Larry. Try to use language that does not push players towards a certain path. Give them the options, and let them choose. Ralphminer's version should be a good replacement in the meantime till a full strategy writeup is done up. -- Grexx 05:01, 28 September 2009 (UTC)

Something I noticed about using the special cheese (Gumbo/Shell/Crunchy) in Cape Clawed (and which I'm not confident I can word well right now so not putting in directly into the article) is that they only attract the respective tribe mice + mice form previous locations (Pinchy, Shipwrecked, Chameleon, Sylvan). I.e. if you use Crunchy, you'll attract the Derr Tribe mice (plus the aforementioned four), but will not attract Nerg or Elub. -- Camomiletea 17:12, 13 October 2009 (UTC)