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The Devs removed the topic about Gnarled Cheese. Why should we be allowed to post the pic of the Glitchpaw before its released? My 2 cents. -Shinnok 04:41, 20 March 2009 (UTC)

My opinion is that it is fine since they don't seem to have removed any topics on the Glitchpaw and they have also explicitly released the mouse name. -- Grexx 07:38, 20 March 2009 (UTC)


People are reporting the Glitchpaw is also missing from the Bristle Woods region... -- Camomiletea 17:07, 1 April 2009 (UTC)

Can someone monitor and update accordingly if true? It would break with what Dave mentioned in Talk:Cheat Sheet#Prize Mice Locations if confirmed, so I would be somewhat surprised, but then again they could have changed their mice distribution since then. -- Grexx 17:46, 1 April 2009 (UTC)
Today they appeared in the Bristle Woods region finally, so just leaving the MR and PC exceptions. -- Camomiletea 18:26, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

For the record, I caught one tonight in Tribal Isles (specifically, Derr Dunes). So they appear here as well. -- Pakaran 06:19, 29 July 2009 (UTC)