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| Pref_cheese =  
| Pref_cheese =  
| Mouse_group = Deep Sea Dwellers
| Mouse_group = Deep Sea Dwellers
| Sub_group  = [[:Category: Deep Sea Dwellers (Finned Friends)|Finned Friends]]
| Sub_group  = [[:Category: Deep Sea Dwellers (Finned Fiend)|Finned Fiend]]

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Preferred Cheese
Mouse Sub-Group
Kalor'ignis of the Geyser Queso Geyser 325,000 75,000 Wildfire Queso Queso Canyoneers Geyser Hunter
Karmachameleon Mouse Whisker Woods Rift 42,500 4,350 String Cheese Rift Walkers Whisker Woods Rift
Keeper Mouse Catacombs 3,950 3,900 Ancient Cheese
Radioactive Blue
The Forgotten Mice
Keeper's Assistant Mouse Catacombs 3,170 1,920 Ancient Cheese
Radioactive Blue
The Forgotten Mice
King Grub Mouse Sand Crypts 35,000 8,500 Graveblossom Camembert Sand Dunes Mice
King Scarab Mouse Sand Crypts 175,000 22,500 Graveblossom Camembert Sand Dunes Mice
Knight Mouse King's Gauntlet 900 700 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 3 Gauntlet Gladiators Tier Three:
Melee Mice
Koimaid Mouse Sunken City 31,700 1,990 Deep Sea Dwellers Finned Fiend
Kung Fu Mouse Dojo
Training Grounds
4,750 800 Followers of Furoma