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This page lists the mice that begin with N. See the Mice page for all mice.

Mouse Location(s)
Points Gold Preferred Cheese
Mouse Group

Narrator Mouse Cape Clawed
Nerg Plains
900 600 The Nerg Tribe
Naturalist Whisker Woods Rift 85,000 21,500 Brie String
Magical String
Marble String
Swiss String
Rift Walkers Whisker Woods Rift
Necromancer Mouse King's Gauntlet 17,000 4,000 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 7 Gauntlet Gladiators Tier 7:
Dust Mice
Nerg Chieftain Mouse Nerg Plains 12,545 9,400 Gumbo The Nerg Tribe
Nerg Lich Mouse Balack's Cove 40,144 10,340 Vanilla Stilton
Vengeful Vanilla Stilton
Balack's Banished
New Year's Mouse Festive Ice Fortress 2,200 200 Arctic Asiago Cheese Event Mice New Year
Nibbler Mouse Bazaar
Cape Clawed
Great Gnarled Tree
King's Arms
S.S. Huntington III
Tournament Hall
Town of Digby
Town of Gnawnia
Training Grounds
1,100 900 SUPER|brie+ Indigenous Mice
Nightshade Fungalmancer Mouse Zokor 80,000 9,000 Citizens of Zokor Fungus Farmers
Nightshade Masquerade Mouse Fungal Cavern 39,000 1,500 SUPER|brie+ Fungal Fiends Fungal Fodder
Nightshade Nanny Mouse Labyrinth
44,620 5,645 Citizens of Zokor Fungus Farmers
Ninja Mouse Dojo
Training Grounds
2,750 350 Followers of Furoma
Nomad Mouse Great Gnarled Tree
3,400 5,000 Gnarled
Wicked Gnarly
Forest Guild
Nomadic Warrior Whisker Woods Rift 73,000 11,250 Brie String
Magical String
Marble String
Swiss String
Rift Walkers Whisker Woods Rift
Nugget Mouse Town of Digby 6,875 550 Limelight Digby Dirt Dwellers
Nutcracker Mouse Festive Ice Fortress 3,000 300 Festive Feta
Gingerbread Cheese
Seasoned Gouda
Snowball Bocconcini
Event Mice Great Winter Hunt